Saturday, March 1, 2014

BJD Character Meme

I made up 20 character related questions, because the character aspect is my favorite thing about the hobby. Here are my own answers to the questions, but please feel free to post them yourself! I would love to read it!
1. Who are your characters? What do they represent? What themes did you have in mind, when you created them?
My characters are part of a story I've been writing the last 6 years. I created the story with oppression in mind. Sometimes I wish, I could change some major things about the plot, but that would be impossible by now. I created my main character, because I was disappointed by the representation of bisexual women in fantasy stories.
I can't list all the themes for all of my dolls, but a theme that is shared by a lot of them are oppression and how they are victims of it, passive bystanders or even the ones fueling the oppression. 
2. What is your purpose with your characters? Do you use them for anything (photographing, writing, another creative outlet)?
I mostly use them for writing. I do take pictures of them, but it's mostly just a fun bonus.
3. Do you reflect in your characters? How much of your personality went into them? Was it by accident or did you plan it?I can see myself in all my characters and it was never planned, but I, personally, think it's a natural thing to happen. It's just bits and pieces of myself I see, but I like it.
4. How much have your characters grown, since you created them? How do you like this change?For the older characters, most of them have changed a lot. Some really drastically. But I think every change has been for the better. I see my characters improve all the time.
5. Which universe does your characters exist in?
I made up my own universe, because I write fantasy. It's a low-fantasy universe and it's still not very developed outside of three countries. The first story I'm writing is set in the year of 1545, but it does not translate into the timeline of our universe.
The best I can compare the time period to, would be the anime Full Metal Alchemist.
6. Do you have any couples among your characters?
Of the ones I have at home, I have one couple, and I'm waiting for two characters that are also a couples. Out of all of the characters, I have planned I have 11 couples.
7. How are the age among your characters? Are they all around the same age?
For some reason I stay between the age of 15-35 of the ones I have planned to own.
8. Do you have any “evil” characters? Are their role the villain?
I do. Nadine is more or less evil. Maybe she could be considered a villain? Lizzie is by no means a villian, she fight for the good cause, but for very selfish and harmful reasons, so in a way she's worth mentioning.
9. Which nationalities does your characters have?
They all have made up nationalities and most of them are Larikanian and Karrian, but I do have a few exceptions. I haven't created enough actual countries and cultures yet.
10. What connects your characters?
They are all affected by the rebellion in Larika.
11. How is the male to female ratio? Does anyone fall outside the gender binary?
From all my characters, I have 18 men and 19 women and 1 non-binary person. From the characters at home I have 3 men, 10 women and 1 non-binary person.
12. Are your characters divided into groups? What kind of groups?
They're divided into lots of groups and some characters move in different groups. There's the rebellion versus the government, in the rebellion there's the teams. Additionally there's a lot of groups of friends.
13. Are love important for your characters?
I think for all my characters in the rebellion love is important. Love is closely connected to the wish to be accepted into society and regarded as a human. Romantic love is less important for most of them in general, because they have other priorities, but for some it's still a big deal.
14. How many characters do you have home so far? How many do you plan? Do you keep adding more to the wishlist?
I have 14 characters home, waiting for 4 more. I have planned characters from two stories so far. I have planned for another 31. And yes, I'm still not done with adding characters to my stories.
15. Are any characters more important than others? Why? Does that reflect how much you like them?
Sure, they have different levels of importance to the plot, because not every character's view-point is needed in my case. But no, it doesn't determine how much I like the character. Charlotte is a minor character, but also one I care about a lot.
16. Do you have a main character? If so who? Why did you choose them as the main character?
I do. Robin is my main character, because I wanted a bisexual woman to be the hero of the story. But in the end she's not necessarily the most interesting character.
17. What kind of characters do you like best in general media? Does that reflect your feelings of your own characters?
I love good representation of minority groups. Positive portrayals of people, society doesn't treat kindly. Because of that I have a whole lot of minorities among my characters.
18. Have you ever changed everything about a character? If so, describe what the character used to be and what they became?
It has happened to me several times. Alex started out as Asmaa, a character inspired by Egypt, but I already had some characters similar and I didn't feel connected to her in anyway, so I changed Asmaa into Alex instead. Alex is a genderqueer character supposed to be inspired by Latin-America. After I changed them, I felt the connection.
19. Do you have any characters that are not your own? What are your personal feelings of the subject?
I've never been into owning characters as dolls, that aren't my own, and I can't see myself ever do it. 
20. What is the next character you’re gonna buy?
My plans change all the time, but I hope to be able to buy Donna next. I wanna finish of a group of characters, that belong together as a group of friends. 


  1. Wow this meme was awesome! I really loved all the explanations and to have a small peek into your writer mind! I sincerely think you should try to publish your books, the little you have told us about it here, the more interesting I see it. Good luck! :D

    1. Thanks, dear! :) It's also so fun to talk about.
      I'm working towards publishing one day. :3

  2. This was great reading and I totally agree with Musume D.