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Fanfic: The Best Christmas Ever

So I promised Maria to write a story about her characters, so I did. Even though I took forever to finish it.7'
This is of course only my understanding of her characters, so I may have gotten some things wrong, and some things I wrote, because they felt interesting.
It's a bit longer than I intended, but I think it's okay. It was written 100% purely for fun and any and all cliches are intended.

All characters in this belong to Maria.

"There's only a month until Christmas", Takumi thought as he flipped through the calendar. Notes for all the appointments and meetings he had planned for his work filled the days for the future, only one standing out in bright red ink.
Half year anniversary.
He had kept it that simple for many reasons. Even though, Takumi in no way was ashamed of his relationship to Hayden, he knew he could have an effect on his job. He was not ready to risk that yet.
"Good morning", Hayden said as he walked into the kitchen. The tall man wore a robe, but hadn't been careful enough to cover his chest and stomach. So much had changed since they first met, Takumi thought.
"You're up early today?", Takumi asked, he knew Hayden hadn't really written anything in a while.
"Yeah, there's little point in staying up late right now", Hayden said.
"I'm sure you'll get into writing again soon"
Takumi closed his calendar and got up. "I have to leave soon, or I'll be late", he said as he reached for Hayden's hand. "I'll be home a little later tonight, I have some things I need to do"
"So it's take-out tonight?" Hayden asked and received a kiss.
"Yeah, that sounds great".
Takumi knew he'd always been a bit sentimental, but he couldn't shake off the feeling of Hayden being down lately. It bothered him that he didn't knew what was wrong or that he couldn't do anything about it. But a thought stroke Takumi;
"Maybe Hayden is lonely?"
Takumi remembered how close they were to Christmas, and he knew Hayden wasn't going to celebrate it with his family.
As he pulled out a drawer of his desk, he noticed a picture at the back. A picture he had had taken with Hayden a couple of months ago.
"Maybe I can do something about it?"
A light knock on the door caught Takumi off-guard. "Yes?".
"I'm sorry to disturb you Mr. Yamada, but the afternoon meeting has been cancelled", a young, blonde woman said.
"Thanks Suzy," Takumi said still not paying real attention.
"Is there anything else I can do for you?", Suzy asked.
"No," Takumi said, but he immediately changed his mind, "actually there is. Would you kindly researched what the most common Christmas food is and find some recipes for me?"
Suzy looked baffled, but she just nodded and closed the door.
Great, Takumi thought, this gives me all the more time for my plan.
"Be careful", Hazuki said with so much worry in his voice. Takumi couldn't remember ever seeing Hazuki this emotional about anything in this world, apart from his bass.
Gently Takumi let his fingers run down the strings. They were tight and the surface was rough. Takumi was glad for a moment, it wasn't his fingers that had to play them.
"Thanks for helping me", Hakuzi said as he offered Takumi tea, "Sorry, all I have is British".
"Do you miss it?" Takumi asked and looked Hazuki in the eyes, who looked down.
"Japanese tea?"
Hazuki looked at his time for a while, and Takumi let him have some time to think.
"I miss... certain aspects of Japan, I guess", the dark haired guy finally responded, "but I'm still happy I left".
"Yeah", Takumi joined in, "things would have been a lot different, if we'd stayed".
Suddenly Hazuki looked up into Takumi's eyes with an almost sad look. "We'd both live a lie, wouldn't we?"
"Y-yes, yes, we probably would", Takumi said taken aback by this imtimate moment, "our parents would not have accept the lifes we would have wanted".
After that they sat in silence for a while, that was only broken, when the door to the sound studio was opened. A young woman and a tall man entered the room dragging even more instruments with them. Takumi remembered the young teenagers from Harajuku from the pink hair the young woman was wearing.
"Be more careful! If you break it, you'll pay for it", she said playfully to the red haired man next to her. They carried guitars, drums and equipment into the studio, while Takumi and Hazuki observed them. After they were done, they both headed towards them.
"You lazy fuck, you didn't want to get your ass up to help us, huh?" The tall man said as he threw an arm around Hazuki's shoulder, almost dragging him off his chair, "Is Japanese people just lazy?"
"Trent, that's racist, you ignorant jerk", the pink haired girl hit Trent as hard as she was probably able to, but he just looked down on her mockingly.
"Was that supposed to hurt, darling?"
"It's okay Shay, it was just a joke", Hazuki said with a soft smile.
"Why are you guys sitting here?" Shay asked.
"We were just talking", Hazuki said hesistantly, "actually, I still don't know, why you wanted us to meet up?"
All six eyes looked to Takumi, who felt slightly embarrassed, but now would probably be an okay time to ask and get even more opinions.
"I need your help", he started, "I need to get the perfect Christmas together".
"The.. the perfect Christmas?" Shay asked looking just as puzzled as the others.
"I have a feeling that my boyfriend is feeling down lately and..." Takumi explained, as Trent cut him off.
"Not this gay shit again, look man it's cool that you're gay or whatever, but keep it out of my life", he said as he turned around and started walking out of the studio.
"Trent, you being totally unreasonable, come back here", Shay almost screamed.
"Sorry babe, it's way too gross for me. You'll be fine without me".
Hazuki and Takumi looked confused at each other as Shay was staring after Trent. The air was so tense, that Takumi felt like it was going to catch on fire. Shay exhaled deeply three times and turned around to face them again. She looked relaxed again and with a gentle smile she said: "I'm gonna kick his ass someday".
"Don't mind him, Shay, you know how he is", Hazuki tried, but Shay ignored him and turned her attention towards Takumi.
"Okay, your boyfriend is feeling down, what does that has to do with Christmas?"
Takumi took a deep breath and started explaining again.
"You see, his sister cut all communication with his, back when he came out. Even though his mother still talks to him, he doesn't see her nearly enough. Lately he hasn't been writing anything at all, and I thought that the reason might have been, that he's lonely, you know? So I thought maybe I could get his thoughts off it, if I made a really nice Christmas".
"Aw, that's so sweet", Shay exclaimed, "I wish someone would do something like that for me too".
"But the problem is I'm not entirely sure, what a real Christmas is like".
"And you wanted my help?" Hazuki looked questioning at Takumi.
"I didn't know who else to ask".
"Don't worry, I'll help you make the best Christmas ever", Shay said with a big smile all over her face, "we'll make him forget, he was ever sad in the first place".
"Okay, so you know how to cook, right?" Shay asked while she tried to reach for the top shelf at the supermarket. Hazuki stepped in and reached it for her, seeing as she would never actually reach it herself.
"Sure, I can make rice", Takumi said.
"No problem, me and Hazuki will cook the dinner for you".
"We will what?" Hazuki asked.
"Thank you so much!" Takumi embraced Shay and shook her body from side to side.
"We'll need to arrive at your place early to be able to prepare it all, you should probably find a way to distract your boyfriend meanwhile".
"We're not cooking anyone's dinner, Shay", Hazuki said.
"I'll come up with something".
"You should take the opportunity to go on a date". Shay suggested.
"A date? What a wonderful idea".
"Okay, so we're apparently cooking Christmas dinner. Great". Hazuki said while he walked three steps behind his excited brother and even more excited band member.
Takumi took a deep breath, before ringing the doorbell. While he waited for the door to be answered he looked around the garden full of toys in a rainbow of colors. He felt a pain in his chest, when he remember what he had left, and almost regretted for a second. That girl was truly the best thing in his life.
"Takumi?" Natelie's surprised voice forced him out of his memories.
"Hello Natelie, I'm sorry to just come by. I hope you weren't busy?"
"Actually, for once in a while, I'm not. What can I help you with?"
"It's a little awkward to ask here. May I come inside?"
"Sure, come on in".
Takumi pull off his shoes and placed them neatly at the wall. He looked around for slippers, but realized his old habits was still alive and smile at his own silliness.
Natelie showed him into the livingroom and made gestures for him to sit on the couch.
"Do you want anything to drink?" she asked.
"Just water, please".
"Okay, so why are you here?" she asked without playing around the bush.
"Hayden has been a little down lately, so I thought maybe he was lonely. You know about his family situation. I thought that I would make Christmas special this year to make him forget about it for a while, so I went to see Hazuki and a friend, who helped me plan Christmas".
"That's all well, but what does that have to do with me?"
"You know, that Hayden loves Ayla and I thought..."
"No way". Natelie put down her glass of water and shook her head, "I've had plans for Christmas for months. All my family is excited to spend the day with Ayla. Also you spend Christmas together last year".
"It would mean so much to me, not to mention Hayden, if you could make an exception just this year. And you can spend Christmas with Ayla next year".
Natelie sighed. "Okay, you can spend Christmas with Ayla".
"Thank you so much Natelie", Takumi laid his hand gently on top of Natelie's and squeezed it.
Have you actually thought this through?” Hazuki asked sounding a bit concerned, while he walked through the bookstore.
What do you mean?” Takumi replied.
What if...” Hazuki almost ran down the aisle to catch Takumi who was looking a certain book. Hazuki let his eyes run over the covers, but he wasn't really able to recognize any of the titles at all. ”What if you embarras him?”
Why would he be embarrased?” Takumi stop and turned around to face Hazuki.
Maybe it could hurt his pride? Make him think you pity him?”
But I don't pity him!”
But he may now see it that way”.
Should I call off this whole thing?” Takumi asked.
No”, Hazuki sighed, ”No, that was not what I meant”.

Just around 100 or so people where gather in the dim-lit room, where Takumi and Hazuki had just arrived. Hazuki had complained about sore feet all the way from the bookstore, so Takumi were relieved to see some people in less foul mood.
They were greeted by the redheaded bartender. Takumi was never sure if the revealing clothes were a job requirement or just her choice of fashion, but he smiled at her, as she handed him his drink.
”Thank you Melissa”, he said.
”You two look tired? Has it been a hard day?”
Yes!” Hazuki moarned, while getting seated on the bar stool.
”It really wasnt”, Takumi explained Melissa, then turning to Hazuki and looking at his jacket.
”At least take it off, while we're inside”.
I like it better this way” Hazuki said and took a sip of his drink”.
You're gonna catch a cold, when you go back outside. Take it off!”
兄さん,うるさい”Hazuki said, but immediately looked like he regretted. ”I'm not staying long, I have to head home and finish some work”.
For a couple of minutes they sat in awkward silence, until Takumi reached down in his shopping bag and pulled out the book he'd bought, ”Honestly, don't you think I should call off the surprise Christmas?”
Honestly?” Hazuki asked and looked at Takumi, ”No, you should not call it off. Just try and relax and don't make it such a big deal, okay? I have to get home now, but I'll be there tuesday with Shay”.
See you tuesday”, Takumi said as Hazuki left the bar.
The days up till Christmas just passed by in a blink of an eye. Takumi had been busy both with preparations and his usual work, and he felt a bit guilty for neglecting Hayden that month. But in the end, it would all be worth it. He just knew.
Takumi woke up early on Christmas day to get his plan started.
He let his exhausted lover sleep, while he changed into a pair of comfortable jeans and a sweater. Today he wanted to relax.
When he was done he gently put a hand on Hayden's naked shoulder.
"It's time to get up, if you want breakfast, before we leave".
Hayden responded by pushing Takumi's hand off him and turn away. Takumi felt bad for waking him this early, when he knew, he'd been up late, but it was essential to get him out of the flat, before Hazuki and Shay arrived, or the plan would be a fiasco.
"We'll have to leave soon", he tried, and this time Hayden opened his eyes just barely and looked at him.
"Were are we going again?"
"To the Amusement park that's close to here. They're having a Christmas event".
"Okay, I'll be right out in a minute".
Ten minutes later Hayden entered the kitchen dressed and looking fairly human again. Takumi felt a sharp pain in his chest, when he considered that maybe Hayden tried this hard for his sake. Actually Hayden was always like that. Pushing aside his own needs for the comfort and happiness of others. Takumi loved that about his boyfriend, but it also worried him.
"All ready?"
The Amusement park was full of young couples that day. Luckily it seemed unlikely to run into a colleague, and Takumi held Hayden hand, while they walked through the masses. Christmas music surrounded them, the smell of food and everything was covered in decorations in red, green and gold.
They went to a few of the stalls and by the time they left the third one, Hayden noticed the ferris wheel.
"You like that kind of thing, right?" he asked.
"I do", Takumi replied, "but I know you don't like them".
"It's okay, let's try it".
It was okay the first half of the way up. Hayden small-talked and didn't notice the distance to the ground, but suddenly he looked over the fence and his face turned pale, and he took a firm hold on the pole in front of them. Takumi moved closer to Hayden and put him hand upon his arm.
"You really didn't have to do it".
"No, no, it's okay", Hayden said, but his voice was shaking.
"You're pushing yourself too hard".
"You're the one to talk. You're always going out of your way for me. You gave up your nice flat, to move in with me, even though you have to travel much longer now for work".
Takumi didn't knew how to reply to that. He never thought of it like that. Back then he'd thought it would have been even harder for Hayden, if he moved further away from his family. He didn't want to risk Hayden's fragile relationship with them to fall completely apart.
So instead of saying anything, he leaned in and placed a kiss on his lover's lips.
"I love you", Takumi said.
"I love you too" Hayden said and let go of the pole as they finally reached the ground again.
They retuned to the flat by the time the sun long had disappeared.
The light was off, so Takumi knew Hazuki and Shay had left. Hopefully everything had gone according to the plan.
As they entered the flat the smell of food was the first thing they was met by. Hayden stopped for a second.
"What is this?", he asked baffled, "Have you prepared food earlier?"
"Go on in and look"
Hayden looked completely surprised, when Takumi turned on the light and they looked upon the table Hazuki and Shay had prepared so nicely.
"But you don't normally celebrate Christmas like this?" Hayden said in disblief, "Why did you go out of your way to do it now?"
But before Takumi could reply, the doorbell rang. When Hayden opened the door a small blackhaired toddler ran across the room and flew into her father's arms.
"Daddy!", she squealed as she held up a doll for him to see. "Mommy bought me this".
"Ayla?" Hayden looked from Takumi to Natelie.
"Have fun, darling", Natelie said to Ayla, who was far too busy telling her daddy all about her new toy.
Takumi got Ayla to sleep soon after dinner and they two men settled down in the livingroom next to each other. Hayden sat quiet and enjoyed a cup of tea, but he looked troubled, and Takumi feared his plan had been a failure. But Hayden looked up from his cup.
"It's been such a wonderful day, but why did you prepare all this?"
"I wanted to cheer you up", Takumi said, "I was afraid Christmas was making you feel lonely".
"I can't believe you would go out of your way to do all this just for me. Thank you so much", Hayden said.
"You deserve it", Takumi replied as he leaned in for a kiss.


  1. Kyyyyyaaaaaa! That was just so perfect! Thank you so much for writing this. ♥
    You really hit my characters spot on! Especially Trent - he would totally act like that. x'D
    And Hayden being afraid of heights... I think you just made that canon.
    I could go on an on about every little detail.. Again thaaaanks! *cries happy tears*

    1. I'm so so so happy you liked it. ;^; It was a pleasure and honour to work with your characters!

  2. I just loved this!! You write really nice and descriptive, and I love all the detail. It was nice to finally read something written by you :3 Hope to read a lot more!

    1. Wow, thanks a lot for all the nice words! :D I didn't even bother to edit it, because I'd already been a couple of months on completing it, and I didn't want Maria to wait any longer. :P So it's not my best work. Haha.