Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fanfic: A Can of Stupid Peas

I promised some of my friends, I would try to share something I've written about my own characters. Sadly I can't share anything from the actual story, if I hope to release it someday, but I wrote a fanfic of my own story.
It takes place 9 years prior to the plot and is about Connor, Estelle and Andrew.
The ending was a bit rushed, because I just wanted to finish it. I may rewrite it someday though.
But still, here it is:

A Can of Stupid Peas
Connor's PoV

”I'm so bored”, Connor declared for the third time, ”Isn't summer supposed to be the highlight of the year?” He was lying on the bed in his room. Estelle and Andrew was sitting on the floor right next to him playing cards.
”You shouldn't have played that card,” Estelle said, ”You wanna change your move?”
”Are you just gonna ignore me?” Connor complained.
”I would ignore you too, as long as you whine like a child, honey,” Diane said, when she entered the room. ”Why don't you use some of all your energy, you use for complaining, to come up with an idea for something to do?”
”You don't understand, mom. There's literally nothing to do”.
”Nonsense,” She sat down next to him on the bed. ”You could help me with the housework”.
”We can help you, Miss Palmer”, Estelle said.
”No, stop it, mom. You know, that's not what I meant”.
Diane smiled. ”Then how about you go out and look for new clothes for next school year?”
Andrew looked hopeful up at Connor.
”And let myself be dragged around for hours in this heat? Forget it”.
”Well, how about going for a little trip out into the nature?”
”A trip?” Connor's face lit up and he pulled himself up unto his elbows.
”There is a small wooden hut just in the forest outside of the city. As far as I know, anyone is allowed to use it”.
”But wouldn't there be wild animals?” Estelle said with a concerned look.
”Larika doesn't have much wildlife, so I doubt it would be dangerous”. Andrew said.
”And you would let us go?” Connor asked his mother with a doubting tone.
”Well, that depends if you can start acting as a 15 year old instead of a 5 year old”.
”Yes! Yes, yes, yes, I will be responsible and mature and shit”.
”And keep your tone”.
”I'm not even sure, my parents would let me go”, Estelle said. Connor looked disappointed at his mother until she gave in. ”Okay, okay, I'll talk to them, but I can't promise anything”.

”Did you have to bring two trunks?” Connor groaned.
”What? You expected me to turn into an animal just because I'm gonna come along on a camping trip?” Andrew said, ”I'm only coming because you basically forced me”.
”And when it's over, you're gonna thank me”, Connor said.
Estelle walked behind them and was slowly stopping. Because of their fight it took the boys a moment to discover it.
She whispered something they couldn't hear. ”What?”
”I don't want to go”.
”Why not?” Connor said with disappointment in his voice as his trip became more and more unlikely.
”I-I just don't want to”
”But there must be a reason”
Estelle looked unto the ground and tightend her hands on the handle of her trunk.
”Please tell me. I can't help you, if you don't”.
”I've never slept anywhere but my home, except for your place and Andrew's”.
”But it'll be just like that”, Connor said, ”We'll be there with you. You won't be alone”.
”But it's in a forest. What if someone comes in the middle of the night?”
”That won't happen,” Connor said confidently, ”and if someone comes, I'll be there, so there's nothing to worry about”.
With a smile she nodded, even if she still looked a bit worried, but Connor knew she would come along.

Estelle eventually warmed up on the ride.
It wasn't a long ride. They talked casually and the hour just passed by without any of them noticing. But by the time they had unloaded their luggage and dragged it from the train station, they all realized they hadn't taken into account, how far they would have to carry it.
They stared at the road that looked like it didn't have an end.
Estelle and Andrew looked at Connor like they expected him to say something. He turned to Andrew, ”Well, I warned you about packing all too much shit”.
But there wasn't really any choice, but to just drag their stuff all the way to the forest. Estelle didn't really complain much, she just carried her trunk with as much grace as possible in the heat. Andrew tried to carry his trunks in different ways, but he couldn't hold on to them and kept dropping them.
”Let me help you”, Connor offered. Andrew accepted gratefully.
They walked in silence and Connor knew, he had to brighten up the mood. ”We should go for a walk tonight”.
”Don't you think we're getting plenty of walking right now?” Andrew sighed. Connor gave him a look.
”No, I meant to see the night sky”.
”I've seen the night sky lots of times, why would I need to see it again?”
”Not like this”.
”And what's so special about it then?” Andrew asked, but before Connor could continue the fight, Estelle interrupted.
”I want to see the night. I think I'll be beautiful from the forest”.
”See?” Connor said, ”It's just you being difficult”.

The hut was indeed very small. It was merely just a single room with a small open room just under the roof with a space for sleeping. There was a very small stove, a dinner table with some chairs and a fireplace.
”This is perfect”, Connor declared when he dropped the luggage on the floor and walked across the room. Estelle and Andrew exchanged looks.
Connor let his hand ran across the surface of the stove. It dawned on him, how this may very well be their last chance to do something like this. By this time next year, they would all have graduated regular school and be preparing for their next school. Would they be able to keep hanging out like now? It would definitely be different. How much in their lifes would change? And would it mean anything for their friendship?
”Oh,” Estelle said, ”Connor, we may have a problem”.
”A problem?”
”I think, we forgot to bring the food”.
Connor went through the events, before they left. He had put the food on the table in the kitchen, packed his trunk, showered. He had no memory of putting the food in the trunk. No, it was most definitely still on the table at home.
”We have to go back”, Andrew said.
”No way, we've come all this way, we can't go back now”.
”And what do you plan on eating?”
”There must be something here”, Connor said and searched the cabinets.
”Empty, empty, empty, wait,” he said, ”I found something”.
Enthusiastically he hold up a can of peas. ”No reason to go back”.
”You can't be serious”, Andrew said.
”Why don't you try and give this fucking trip a chance, man” Connor snapped.
”Hey, don't fight”, Estelle said, ”I'm sure it'll be alright. It could be worse than peas”.
Andrew looked at her like he'd been betrayed, but sighed deeply. ”Well, it could have been frozen peas”.

After they had unpacked and cleaned the place, it even started to look cozy. Even Andrew started looking convinced the trip had been a good idea.
”So what's up next?” he asked Connor.
”We could look around and see the surrounding area?” Connor suggested to which Estelle and Andrew agreed.
There was a trail from the front door leading further into the forest. They followed it, until they arrived at a small creek. Connor sat down next to it and the two others followed his example. For a while none of them said anything. Connor closed his eyes and listened to the flowing of the water. He heard a branch crack. Maybe there was an animal nearby? A cloud went by the sun for a moment, casting a shadow over them, and Estelle looked up at the sky.
”I hope it won't last for too long”, she said and hold her arms around herself.
”I'm sure it'll pass soon”, Connor reached his arms around her and hold her. ”Until then I'll keep you warm”. Estelle rested her head on his shoulder.
”It looks like it's gonna rain”, Andrew said.
”You're overreacting,” But as soon as the words left his lips, he felt a raindrop on the bare skin on his free shoulder. ”Anyway, it's just a little rain. Can't hurt us”.
A few more drops touched his skin, then a few more, and then suddenly it was pouring down.
”Just a little rain?” Andrew imitated Connor.
”Well, did it hurt you?” Connor asked when they searched for shelter under a tree.
”We'll have to wait here till it quites down”. Estelle said.
”It'll be over in a moment”
They waited. And waited some more. After half an hour of waiting they had lost patience.
”It seems like it won't stop”. Estelle said.
”We just have to head back while it's still raining,” Connor replied.
”No way. I don't want to walk all the way back like this,” Andrew complained.
”Do you see any other possibility?”
”Yes, waiting,”
”We've already waited,”
”So we keep waiting?”
”I want to go back too”, Estelle said.
”We're going back,”
”Go on. I'm waiting here,”
”Fine,” Connor said, ”Do as you please”.

After walking through the rain all the way back, Connor and Estelle arrived covered in mudd and whatever that had stuck to them from the forest floor. They changed into fresh clothes.
Estelle walked up to the window. ”It's still raining”.
”It looks like it will keep up for a while”. Connor said after looking at the sky that was covered in dark clouds.
They decided to play cards, while they waited for Andrew. By the time Connor had won for the third time, they heard someone approaching.
The door was opened and behind Andrew, they could see the rain still pouring.
”I got tired of waiting”, he muttered.
”Welcome back”, Estelle said.
”Maybe we should prepare the dinner?” Connor suggested.
”And by dinner you mean the stupid peas,”
”Yeah, let's eat those stupid peas”.

Preparing dinner was no hard task. Even though Connor had next to no knowledge about cooking, he did it on his own with only a little advice from Estelle. Estelle sat the table.
They sat down and began to eat quietly. Too quietly Connor thought.
”It's weird that the summer vacation will be over in two weeks,”
The two others nodded.
”It's gonna be weird, though”, Connor said, ”I mean, that we won't be together anymore”.
”Well, the two of us will be in the same school”, Andrew said to Connor, then looked over to Estelle. She didn't return the gaze, instead she kept eating almost as they weren't talking.
”It would have been much easier if we had had Estelle in our class,” Andrew complained.
”You can't expect Estelle to do your work for the rest of your life,” Connor said while watching Estelle. ”Are you okay?”
”Sure” Estelle replied with a smile, that Connor didn't believed, but he wouldn't keep going at it.
Andrew finished his plate and looked disappointed at the empty pot. ”No more peas?”
”No, we're out of stupid peas”. Connor replied. ”Apparently they weren't that stupid, though?”
Andrew shrugged. ”I'm still hungry”.
”You'll just have to think about something else”. Connor said.
”You can have the rest of mine”, Estelle offered.

The evening went with more card games and talking. Or complaining in Andrew's case. But even that seemed lighter. When the sun went down and the stars went up, Connor suggested to go outside to admire the sky. The rain had died down.
But when they went outside the skies were still covering the sky and made it impossible to see the stars.
They all look quietly at the disappointment above them, until Andrew broke the silence.
”This is not what I expected”.
”Does it look like I can control the weather?” Connor snarled defensively.
”It's still beautiful, in it's own way”, Estelle said.
”I'm going back inside”, Andrew muttered, but before he could leave, Connor pull him back.
”No, we're gonna enjoy this”.
”This is stupid. This whole idea was stupid. Everything about this trip has been awful, and I just want to go home, so can we stop pretending and admit it was a stupid idea?” Andrew said, but as soon as the words had left his lips, he realized the impact of it. ”I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that”.
Connor looked shocked at first, but then he took a deep breath. ”Okay, it was a stupid idea”.
Estelle reached for Connor's hand and held it gently, but didn't say anything. Connor faced her, but had to look away again. It was like she could see how hurt he were, that this trip was a failure.
”Let's go inside”.

The mood has taken a turn for the worse. They weren't really talking anymore. Connor made a weak attempt at playing cards, but none of them felt up to it.
”We should get some sleep, so we can get up early tomorrow and go back home”. Connor said.
They all prepared for the night and got into their sleeping bags. Ten minutes later Andrew was breathing heavily and Connor just assumed he'd fallen asleep. Connor didn't feel tired, so he turned around only to discover that Estelle was awake too.
”Can't sleep either?”, he asked.
”No,” Estelle replied.
”I'm sorry”
”About what?”
”About this stupid trip”.
”No, don't apologize. I wanted to thank you for it”.
”Thank me?”
”I was feeling really sad about the fact that we'll be going our seperate ways soon. This trip has been great, because I got to spend it with my very best friends. So thank you for giving me this opportunity”.
Connor smiled. The trip had at least been worth it in the end.
Somewhere along the way all three of them had fallen asleep. But suddenly a few hours into the night, Connor woke up by a shaking sensation in his arm.
”Connor, someone's here”, Estelle said frightened.
Connor sat up and tried to orientate himself. There was definitely a strange sound from the door. Like someone was trying to unlock it.
Andrew was awake too and he sat a few steps behind Connor.
”I'll deal with it”, Connor said and looked around for a something he could use as a weapon. He found a thin stick, that would probably break in half, if he would end up defending himself with it, but he picked it up and climbed down the ladder. Carefully he approached the door, but a few steps before he reached the door, the door opened. Estelle screamed, then Andrew screamed, Connor attacked a dark silhouette with the stick, which of course broke into two, and a deep voice growled.
”What are you doing in my hut?”
Connor took a step back and tried to regain control of the situation. The dark silhouette started to take form of a small, old man.
”What are you doing in my hut?”, he repeated.
”Y-your hut?” Connor asked confused, ”You own this place?”
”Indeed I do”, the man said, ”It's been in my family since my great grandfather. You can't stay here”.
”We was told it was for public use”, Connor said and started to laugh.
Connor talked to the man for a bit and it turned out it was a common misconception. The man even agreed to let them spend the rest of the night there.
The next morning they packed up their stuff and hurried out of the hut. They reached the train station and loaded their stuff.
In the train they sat down together. Connor was ready to apologize again for the trip, but Andrew started talking.
”Actually it was an okay trip. I mean, you can't call it boring. Even the stupid peas were good”.

Connor laughed. ”Yeah, the stupid peas were amazing”.  


  1. Really nice fanfic!! I love how you write and sincerely hope I can read your full story someday :)

    1. Thanks! It was a fun story to write, even if I ended up rushing the ending of it. :P