Thursday, March 13, 2014

Liebster Blogger Award

So I got nominated for this Liebster Blogger Award, and I'm not even sure what it is, but it looked funny.

As I understand the rules: I got 11 question by Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter which I answer. I then nominate up to 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 new questions.

The questions I got:

1- What’s one doll you didn’t get during your childhood that you loved enough to buy as an adult or are actively trying to buy currently?  (My answer: My Pet Monster WITH chains, still looking!)
Does BJDs count? As I child I was so annoyed at the limitations of posability of my dolls, so when I learned about BJDs, it was one of things I liked a lot about them (and still is).

2- If you could have a vacation home anywhere in the world, where would it be? (My Answer: Siena, Italy!)
Somewhere on the countryside in Spain, I think.

3- Do you collect in box or out of box? (My answer: Out of box!)
Only out of box (if I understand the question correctly)

4- What is your favorite TV program?  (See above!)
Program? Like a non-fiction show? I think I'll have to go with Pawn Stars. I absolutely love learning about the history of the old items brought in.

5- How long do you usually wait before buying a doll?  (ie: Do you jump on it the moment you see it or do you wait?) (My answer: It depends on the doll.  If it’s cheap, I jump.  If it’s expensive, I wait!)
I'm a horrible, horrible shopaholic. I'll hunt good deals and buy them in the blink of an eye. Or if it's a limited or a more expensive doll, I'll put them on layaway.

6- What’s your favorite color? (My answer: Purple!)
I love all colors, but I have a weakness for bright yellow, because it's Gerda's theme color.

7- What is the ideal doll collection to you? (My answer: My ideal doll collection is something displayed neatly in lots of glass cases! Very unlike my collections current state!)
To have all my characters shelled and displayed nicely in a glass cabinet while posed somewhat in character (and not throw into a closet as they are right now).

8- Who is your celebrity look a like? (My answer: Sandra Bullock, apparently!)
No one. At least I can't think of anyone.

9- What’s your opinion of ‘Reborns’?  (My answer: I think many of them are cute, though some are a little too realistic for my taste. I adore the Monkey’s!)
They're way too realistic for me. But all the more power to the people who do collect them.

10- What’s your favorite book?  (My answer: See above.)
For a writer, it's embarrassing to admit, I don't have one. I have some books I love, but I feel bad about picking a favourite. But maybe The Never Ending Story?

11-What is the biggest misconception about the doll collecting hobby? (My answer: That we’ve never ‘grown up’.  Who says you can’t be a grown up and still have dolls?!)
(This is probably mostly a misconception about BJD owners) That our hobby is either because we reaaaally want children, but for some reason can't have them or that it's somehow a sexual thing.
I'm sure there are doll collectors like that, but I think it's a minority.

I'm asking:

A Tiny Jurney
Lily's Dolls
My Dolly Adventures
Pretty Little Dolls
Confessions of a Dollaholic

And my questions:

1. What is the next doll you have planned?
2. Most people in the BJD hobby have characters for their dolls. Assuming you do too, how did the character come to be?
3. Do your dolls have a theme song and if so which one(s)?
4. Where do you prefer to talk about dolls? (DoA, blogs, Tumblr, other?)
5. What do you like the most about the doll hobby?
6. What do you like the least about the doll hobby?
7. Do you dream of any kind of doll that does not yet exist?
8. Do you have any irl friends who share your hobby?
9. If you could get 1 free doll right now, which doll would you choose?
10. Have you gotten any new friends through the doll hobby?
11. Honestly, do you think you'll ever lose your interest in dolls?


  1. Loved this!! I would do it next week, while I think on who will I ask!
    It was really nice yo read your answers, too!

    1. Thanks!
      I'll look forward to your answers! :D

  2. I'll go right ahead and try to answer now :D

  3. I'm a huge fan of The Neverending Story, too! Great answers!!!!


    1. It's a really great book! :)
      Thanks! :D