Sunday, March 2, 2014

My plans for Nadine

Nadine has always felt "wrong" to me as a doll.
I wasn't happy with her face-up (and I'm still not), but her style in general felt wrong too.
But then while I was writing, I realized something about her. She may be a bit tomboyish, but she also has a girly side.
I tried a dress and a longer wig on her and it felt so much more right.

So I'm trying to plan what to buy for her.

I've been looking at this wig for her. It's a little more girly, but I think it'll look great on her.

First I want an outfit for her, she would wear while working. This could be called her tomboyish side.

I was looking for tops that'd be pratical, but cute

Also this one

And this t-shirt

I think Nadine would like skinny jeans

But I have a specific outfit I want for her, too. 
In my story Nadine attends a farewell party with the other students. She wears a light blue dress. I haven't been able to find the exact dress I imagined, but I tried my best to find something I could accept.

An alternative wig for this party outfit + if I ever decide to buy her more formal clothes

The blue dress I want. I already own this dress in dark blue. Haha, but I honestly think it's a cute dress

I'm still not sure about which shoes I want. These would fit the dress as it is

Or if I should go for these white shoes and buy a white coat/cardigan. Opinions are very welcome!

I also need to find a face-up artist. I don't even know who. I haven't been looking yet. I want a tough, feminine style. Nadine still needs to look pissed off. 

I also think I'm going to go for another body for her. I don't know if I should make her smaller and buy an April Story girl body more or slightly taller and buy a SQLabs 61cm body more. 
I'm leaning towards smaller, though.


  1. Blogger just ate my comment booo T_T
    Anyways, I love the change you are proposing it sounds great! About the shoes I would pic the teal ones, I love them and the colour is so unique. Faceup artist you could see Angel Toast, she does some amazing things!!

    1. Oww, Blogger can be annoying like that. :(
      Thanks! :) And thanks for your opinions about the shoes! I've considered buying both pairs, though. xD I can always use more heel shoes!
      Thanks for the artist suggestion! I love her style, but she don't want to underdeclare, so there would be 100% chance for custom fees. :(
      So maybe I should look into using Cats10 again? I don't really know for sure yet.

  2. I absolutely think you should go with the white shoes - dress and shoes don't always have to be matchy-matchy, perhaps with a white pearl necklace/bracelet or something to pull it together?
    I think you need to do a comparison post of what she was like before and then what she becomes like, though! ;)

    1. To be honest, I like the white shoes better too. And I have a white cardigan that I could maybe use? Or as you say look for some jewelry! Thanks for the suggestion. :)
      I will! :D

  3. You could combine the blue dress with the white shoes and maybe a pretty white hairband or something as well :)
    Looking forward to see what you choose to go with ^^

    1. I think I could make the white shoes work with the right combination of accessories. n__n
      I'll definitely show pictures, when I have bought all the items I need.