Saturday, March 22, 2014

Short update

So, what have I been up to lately?
I still have my two Iplehouse layaways. I'm 2/4 of the way for Tahir (Giorgio) right now, and 1/4 for Hunter (Oscar).
I have most things ready/ordered for them both, except eyes and a new wig for Hunter. The ones I've bought so far isn't curly enough and too dark brown. I think I want this wig for him instead.
For eyes I have considered these for Tahir and these for Hunter.

In other news I kinda panicked because of the news of IOS discontinuing so many of their sculpts. I've wanted an Anos to reshell Andrew and I was afraid the price second hand would be so much more expensive, when people realise the head was becoming a bit rare. So I PM a girl and got her to hold an Anos head for me. 
It was not planned to reshell Andrew so soon, and I didn't want yet another head, but hey, shit happens?

Talking about floating heads, I'm trying to sell/trade off my Leekeworld Lion head, I used for Darin. It's a beautiful sculpt, but just not right for him. 
I hope to trade him for another head or maybe even a cheaper MSD girl. My mother is getting back into dolls and she wants MSDs. 
Which brings me to the next news. I have kinda almost bought her a MSD actually. I haven't paid yet, but I will on the 31st.
It's a Bobobie Sprite and I'll pay just around $130 for the doll with two wigs, a pair of eyes, a pair of shoes and an outfit. I think, considering I won't have to pay custom fees, it's a good price, even for a 2 year old doll. It's my mother's birthday present. I'm really excited about it and I can't wait to look for cute MSD clothes.

So yeah, lots of dollie stuff is happening right now. 


  1. Oh, I saw that about IoS such a shame, their sculpts are awesome! But at list you got a hold on a head, so congrats!
    And so cool your mom is into dolls too! Love 1/4, it is my favourite size!
    Congrats on everything, dear! So great news :3

    1. Yes, I'm so happy I finally have my hands on an Anos head! Ever since I saw Maria's Takumi (who is an Anos too), I fell in love, but I hadn't realize back then, that it could be Andrew! So when Andrew outgrew his old shell, I just thought "I could buy an Anos?" and it felt like a great idea. :D
      Yes, I'm so happy, she also likes dolls! She has tried both 1/6 and 1/3 and neither size felt right for her, so I suggested MSDs. I hope it'll be the right size for her. :D And I'm gonna enjoy shopping for cute clothes for her girl soon! Haha.
      Thank you dear! :D