Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Going through a change

This actually kept me awake last night, because the idea was so interesting.
If anyone remembers my old doll Annabelle. For 5-6 years this is how I've pictured Annabelle. A pale white girl with big curly, red hair.
It had started annoying me that the main team in my story were all white people though. It just seemed unfair.
Then I played with the idea of changing a couple of details about Annabelle's background and it could work. Annabelle's mother could very well have been a women of color. Annabelle could still have her big, curly red hair.
Iplehouse offers real skin for their basic dolls, which would be okay for me.
I'm definitely considering it.


  1. Sounds like a really cool project! :D
    Having different skin colors are awesome and gives a great dynamic feeling when having multiple dolls ^^b

  2. That sounds so interesting!! Do you have any doll planned for this new idea?

    1. Thanks dear! :D
      Yeah, I have planned for her to be a Iplehouse SID Eva
      With either large or glamour bust and face-up C in real skin :D