Tuesday, May 6, 2014

On a less happy note

Yes, this is a rant. But I'm reaching my limit and I need to get it out.

This hobby has a big problem with recasts. Yes, it's a big problem and let me explain why.

Recasts hurt the companies.
This may not seem like a problem to all people. If you buy all recasts, why should you even care for the "greedy" and "selfish" companies?
Well, let's imagine a big company like Fairyland or Iplehouse get enough and close down, it won't be long before more follow. Sooner or later they'll get sick of having their work stolen and decide to bet their money on a more rewarding job instead. If the companies disappear, you can be sure a lot of the doll owners will leave too. This means all of the people who create shoes, wigs, face-ups. All gone.
Now we're left with only bunch of recast dolls to buy (which for those of us who are anti-recast, isn't a great help), but when there's no new dolls to be recasted, eventually the recast buyers will leave too.
And that'll be the end of the hobby.
I see this as something that could likely happen.

Recasts have destroyed the second hand market.
Do you remember a time before recasts, where selling a doll, though it may still have been hard, was not impossible?
If you want to sell a doll today, you'll have to sell a very, very popular sculpt or be willing to sell very cheap.
Why buy a "normal" doll for $200, when you can buy a recast of a Volks limited for the same?
And after recasts have become such a rampant problem, more and more people are not trusting the market either.

Maybe this wouldn't have been such a big problem, if it were indeed just a few people buying only that one limited doll that got away, but it has gotten so much bigger than that.
I see no future for the hobby, if something drastic doesn't happen.


  1. Sadly, everything you said is true. It got me a little afraid, since I love BJDs and they help me so much to take off all the stress from work.

    I sincerely hope that companies will start taking measures against recaster and recast owners, as Iplehouse said it would.

    And I hope the hobby can survive this.

    1. I fear for the future of the hobby, but I hope for the best!
      I do think anti-recast people need to be more vocal too. :( There's way too many "neutral" people.

  2. It's because the people who buy recasts forgets the fact that what they buy is illegal!
    They get so pissed when anti-recast people tell them off because they can't join the party, but in reality EVERYBODY who buys recasts KNOWS the consequences and should just start accepting that the anti-recast people doesn't want anything to do with people who trample over them and their hobby.
    The reason recasts has become such a big problem is because young people doesn't have ANY awareness of quality or craftsmanship. They have no idea that the companies who produces BJDs are ordinarily consisting of a few people who bust their arses to keep up with orders and make sure only quality items are shipped off.
    I never thought any of my friends would stoop so low as to actually buy recasts, but in the past few months I've learned of at least two who has purchased recasts. That really hurt my feelings and I'm not really sure how I'm going to act in front of them now. :(

    1. We're are a group of people in Denmark getting really sick of how recasts has infected our hobby.
      I can't imagine what I would do if one of my friends bought one. That's really a dilemma!

    2. Yeah, I didn't realize it was such a problem until my oldest friend told me she had bought a MNF Chloe recast secondhand via Facebook. I was completely in shock. I haven't met her since, but I feel really disappointed in her. ,__,
      And a month back I had another really good friend who has been collecting BJDs for a long time, who suddenly wrote that she had money left from SKAT and was thinking about buying a recast LF Ante.
      I just felt really uneasy that both my friends wrote it to me, like I wouldn't give a damn. But I do. I wouldn't want to know if any of my friends had bought a fake anything.
      It's just super frustrating that pro-recast people don't have ANY scruples what so ever. If you get caught in Italy, buying a face Gucci handbag, you will have to pay a huge fine of about 32.000DKK. That is how serious the view on buying fakes is. But the pro-recast people obviously doesn't care that what they do is illegal, and that really pisses me off.
      I know there are a lot of sites on FB for selling and discussing recasts, but I keep away from those because they are just making me feel sick. ;__;

    3. Luckily, I don't think any of my friends would buy a recast. They're all more or less anti-recast.
      If it happened to me, I hope I would be able to tell them, that I'm very against it, but I don't think I would end a friendship over it, even if it bothers me a lot.
      I admit I used to buy fake stuff like anime merchandise, but back then I didn't even realise that it could damage anyone. After learning about recasts, I've stopped buying any kind of fake. If I can't afford it, I'll rather do without it.
      Yeah, I try to keep away from those groups too, but I'm in the Danish one for buying and selling, because it's for both legit and recasts. :( But it still bothers me every single time.