Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Re-introduction my crew

I have a feeling most people can't keep up with my doll family. (I understand, I really do)
So I thought I would re-introduce them as they are now.

Gerda Lund
16 year old ex-soldier from Karr. She joins the rebellion on Rose's team and befriends Robin and Darin. 
She's a very energic and happy girl. 

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Audley
Spy for Hunter's team, works in the government. 
She doesn't care for the faes, but help them to get revenge for the murder of her husband.

Nadine Holman
Robin's classmate and newly graduated Guardian with a very hostile attitude. Hates faes with a passion.

Charlotte Mills
Younger sister of Estelle and Madeleine. 
Very carefree and rebellious.

Isaac Day 
Classmate of Robin and newly graduated Guardian.
He's a kind and mild person.
Is Alex's boyfriend.

Adam Keats
Second leader of the rebellion, married to Rose and father to Audrey.
He's very kind and hates violence.

Gwen Baines
A member of Nneka's team.
Her weapon of choice is bow and arrow, which she's very great at.
She comes off as a cold person, but is actually very kind and accepting of people.

Grace Atkins
Young girl moving to Hunter's team to help him organise the information they gather. 
Is very shy and humble, though a bit old-fashioned. 
Is scared shitless of Hunter.

Alex McKenzie
Robin's classmate and newly graduated Guardian.
Is non-binary, Identifies as genderfluid, but feels most comfortable presenting boyish.
Is partner to Isaac, and Robin's best friend.

Madeleine Bale
The oldest of the three sisters. Married. 
Has a lot of anxiety and depression issues.

Robin Harris 
Guardian, turned rebel. Main character. Partner to Annabelle. 
She's a bit naive and optimistic, but is also kindhearted and hard-working.

Connor Palmer
Guardian. Friend of Estelle and Andrew. Robin's ex-boyfriend. Trans man.
He is very playful and cocky, but in reality he's really shy and insecure.
Has a bit of a gambling and alcohol problem.

Nina Piper
Dies 17 years prior to the plot. Friend of Hunter, Tahir, Scarlet, Damian and Donna. Girlfriend to Donna. 
Was known in all of Larika as the fae girl who hunted down Guardians and killed them. Joined the rebellion, and became friends with Hunter, Tahir, Scarlet, Damian and Donna. 
The teenagers got the idea, that they wanted to hunt Guardians together in secret, but Nina ended up dying in the process.

Damian Carter
Doctor for the rebellion and twin brother to Donna. 
He's a calm and mature person.

Andrew Sanders
Rich, flamboyant young man. Best friend of Estelle and Connor. 
He's guardian, but gets Estelle to cover for him, so he can avoid as much work as possible.
Is Asexual and biromantic.

Sophia Caldwell
Cousin to the three sisters. Married to a very succesful man. One of the five council members in the government.

Estelle Briggs
Works for the government as a person who organise and plans the work of the guardians. 
She's very shy and humble. Lacking any kind of self-esteem. 


  1. Thank you. Now I feel I get their connections a little bit better :D
    You have so many amazing looking dolls. <3

    1. Haha, I understand, if people are confused by my dolls. It's one big mess. :P
      Thank you dear! :D

  2. Such a gorgeous family! They're all turning out so awesome <3

  3. Love your dolly family! They all look stunning, and so real. Hope you can finish your floating heads, too! And thanks for sharing them, it is nice to see them like this :3

    1. Thank you! :D
      Yeah, I need to spend my money finishing them! Haha.