Thursday, May 29, 2014

Shoe meme

I was tagged by Musume.

  • Take a pic of your doll shoe collection. You can picture all the sizes of shoes you have, even the ones that are handmade/commissioned and so on.
  • Answer the questions! They are only six, but you can add more if you are inspired to do so.
  • Tag friends so they can continue the meme. 

Here is a picture of all my shoes. I still feel like I need a lot more.

1. Which was you first pair of shoes?
I have no clue. I know for sure, I don't own them anymore. 
Maybe I bought them from someone in Denmark right before I received my first doll, but I'm really unsure. 

2. Which type of doll shoes do you prefer?
I have a weakness for any and every kind of heel shoes/boots. I love the classy look for some reason, but I like them both in the more cute way and the more conservative way. 

3. Do you have any grail pair?
I do. 
These two pairs are my grail boots, because they resemble what my characters would actually wear (the brown boots are Robin's and the black are Connor's)
The brown boots were rather inexpensive at $36, while I seem to recall the black ones being a bit more expensive (Iplehouse has removed the price info). 

4. Anything that bothers you regarding doll shoes?
I have a hard time finding male shoes I like. Maybe it's because I'm very picky, but I rarely buy male shoes at all. 

5. Do you prefer boots or heels/flats?
I don't think I have a preference as long as it has heels. Haha. 

6. Any anecdote regarding your shoes?
The boots in this picture were originally bought for Robin. Robin ended up not being able to fit them, so I considered selling them, until I tried them on Gwen instead. Now it's all Gwen ever wears. 
The flats were a mistake actually. I saw Musume had bought a pair like these in beige and I wanted a pair like that, but accidentally bought them in dark brown. I was disappointed and considered putting them up for sale, but I noticed they look very similar in color to one of Madeleine's dresses, so now I use them all the time and love them. 

And I'm gonna go ahead and tag:
A Tiny Jurney


  1. Wow so many shoes!! And those boots, OMG! I hope to get them in MSD size some day!!
    Thank you so much for doing the meme! :3

    1. I really love all my shoes! :D I hope you'll be able to find a pair of boots in MSD size!
      Thank you so much for posting it! :D