Friday, June 13, 2014

2 x shipping notices from Iplehouse

So Iplehouse decided to ship both my guys with a week in between. It's gonna be so expensive. Haha.
This is the last resin I'm waiting for. I can finally have my break from buying new dolls.

I'll try and spend my money and energy on my current dolls instead. I have an exception though. I feel it's okay to buy a body, while I'm on my break, but probably not right now.
Otherwise I have a slot at rykaan's face-up shop. She's gonna paint Gerda and blush her upper torso with freckles. Also I'll have Connor's bust modded smaller.

I ended up putting the old Alex up for sale, and I'm gonna stick to that, but I'll probably wait for Maskcatdoll's next tanned skin event.
Right now I really want that break.

Maybe when I've kept from buy dolls for a while, I'll allow myself to buy an Iplehouse SID Eva in real skin.


  1. Congrats on the shipping notice, and I hope it won't be that expensive! I can't wait for seeing Connor and Gerda modded and painted :3

    1. Thanks dear! I just received the first slip from the custom fees today. It was surprisingly inexpensive. I think they're so busy they made a mistake. Haha. :D
      I'm really excited about them too. I hope they'll turn out great :)

  2. The custom fees have dropped in general for some reason. I've only had to pay 200DKK when I collect my tinies, in stead of the 500-600DKK it would have cost me 'before'. Maybe they've accepted that the dolls are not available in Denmark, and therefore it has become less expensive to import?

    I hope you have your Iplehouse darlings home soon, and that you will not have problems keeping from buying new dolls XD

    1. I've never quite been able to understand the damn customs. xD

      Thanks dear! :D