Friday, June 20, 2014

Big reduction of my doll family

After talking to Maria about my dollie dilemmas, I realised that I don't think I can handle more than about 15 dolls at a time. All the dolls I own + all the ones on my wishlist is just waaay too many for me.
So I've decided to only own the characters I love the most. That means selling some of my current dolls.

I'll say goodbye to:
Lizzie (Crobidoll Lance)
Nadine (Dollgru #12)
Isaac (Migidoll Miho)
Adam (Roserin Doll Dino Growth version)
Grace (Two.S.Doll Mayi)
Alex (Elfdoll Lydia)
Madeleine (Peak's Wood Wake Up Cue)
Nina (Dollstown Elysia)
Damian (SWITCH Ryun:R)
Karina (SNG Uhui)
Sophia (Angelheim Zion)

And my doll family will be:
Gerda (Napidoll Chesi)
Charlotte (MDR Merry)
Gwen (Elfdoll Vivien)
Robin (Feeple65 Chloe)
Connor (Iplehouse EID Rebecca)
Andrew (IOS Anos)
Estelle (Little Monica Yuria)
Tahir (Iplehouse SID Giorgio)
Hunter (Iplehouse nYID Oscar)

And my wishlist will be:
Alex (Maskcatdoll Nerine)
Annabelle (Iplehouse SID Eva)
Nneka (Iplehouse SID Bibiane)
Ainan (Little Monica Sophia)
Scarlet (Feeple65 Angela)

I feel like it's much more manageable for me with this amount of characters. I don't feel hopeless anymore, so I'm confident in selling off these ones.


  1. Wow, I'm sure that was a though decision and it is indeed a big change! Hope that things work out for good! :D

    1. It was hard, because I just -love- the idea of buying them all, but just these 14 dolls + a ton of heads stresses me so much. And I don't play with most of them. :(
      So I thought it would be better this way. If I regret, most of them are replacable. :)

  2. I applaud your courage - I'm not sure that's a decision I would have been able to face myself :'D Look forward to seeing your new additions though!

    1. Haha, it was scary! But I believe I'll be better off with fewer dolls. :P

  3. I can totally understand your feelings! Some times you just need to refresh your doll family a bit~!

    1. Yeah, and it did feel a lot better. I've started to feel content about my collection again. :)

  4. It's a little weird to see such a huge chunk of your collection go - even if I've never seen even half of them in real life! But at the same time I think it's a good idea to avoid getting completely overwhelmed. :)

    1. Yep, and I was really overwhelmed! I would feel "meh" about the collection all the time, and I realised many of the dolls never got played with, so it feels a lot better now :)