Saturday, June 28, 2014

New doll + recent stuff I've bought

So I couldn't use the nYID Oscar I had orignally bought for my character Hunter, so I put him up for sale and he sold pretty fast.
Originally my idea was to wait until my buyer receives the doll to use the money, but someone hacked into my Paypal account and added an US bank account, so I kinda panicked and bought the doll I had in mind.
I felt so horrible about it afterwards, but I'm gonna ship out Oscar monday, so she'll soon have her doll.

I ended up buying an Iplehouse SID Eric in WS with A type face-up. He was the sculpt I had in mind for Hunter first, so I hope it'll work out better than nYID Oscar did.

I also bought a bit of stuff for my dolls.

I bought this wig in raspberry for Charlotte. I love that I can use it as both a long and short wig! 

I've wanted this outfit for Andrew since forever. It's so perfect for him. 

I found this outfit to be pretty great for Andrew too. So I ended buying it too.

I bought this wig in brown for Andrew. I hope it'll work better than the one he's using now.

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  1. The thing about your Paypal is panicking! I hope everything turns out OK. Did you change your password? Anyways, congrats on the purchases! And I hope Eric works out perfectly for Hunter!