Saturday, June 7, 2014

Regarding Alex

I don't know if many of you remember Alex? This is the current version I have of the character.
Even though this head I got for them was a light tan/dark normal skin, I simply don't find it dark enough for them. Alex was supposed to be inspired by South America and be Latin@, but for some reason I imagine them darker skinned than this current version.

Maskcatdoll (a company I've kept my eyes on for a while) just announced they'll be having a summer event for tanned resin, so I looked at the sculpts.
At first I considered Ruolan, but I find the doll to be a bit too asian looking for what I want.
It wasn't until I saw Pretty In Plastic's Nerine boy, I thought Nerine could be a great choice.

I won't be changing the body to a boy body though. My character Alex do feel more comfortable presenting masculine, but they still identify outside of the gender binary. And Alex was born with a female body in a time and place where you can't get gender reconstructive surgery.

I had hoped for Alex to be a bit bigger though, because I wanted them to fit into male outfits like this or this, but I'll find a way around that.

I'll try and see if I can find funds for a layaway during the order period, but I should be able to do that.
After Alex I'm definitely on a dollie break. (I promise!)

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