Friday, July 18, 2014

Dollie thoughts

I'm yet again unsure about my dollie family.
I was supposed to keep my collection as small as possible, but after talking to Maria, I still wanted to shell Donna. I ended up paying a deposit for a Switch Shiho I'd planned to use for her. 
I'm very excited about Donna, because she's such a cute character, but buying her makes me want to keep Damian, my Switch Ryun:R, who is supposed to be her twin brother.
I've had a complicated relationship to his character, but I think there's several good reasons to keep him.

1. Ryun:R is my favorite Switch sculpt
2. I have too few male characters shelled
3. I have a lot of characters who are friends/family to Damian

I need to consider it some more.

But mean while I can spend the time thinking about which body to get for Donna. I don't even know how big her head will be. Maybe she can borrow the new April Story body I'll get for Gwen? 


  1. That is a complicated situation! But, you doesn't need to shell all of Damian's friends/family. And maybe you can get some bodies and tons of floating heads and switch them if you want photos?

    I have seen people with the rule of "one new comes, one old goes" to keep always on the same amount of dolls, but I don't know!

    Good luck with that decision! :<

    PS: I will just get the floating head, and make her share Gwen's AS body xD

    1. Oh, I think I might have explained it incorrectly. I meant I already own most of them at home + I will definitely buy the rest, because they're all dear characters to me.
      I think the problem is I never developed Damian enough and now he just feels "meh". Maybe if I kept him and tried to see if I would grow to love him. I don't know... xD

      I'll probably have to start doing that sooner or later, because I would like to keep my doll collection below 15 and with Damian and Donna I'll be at 11. :S So yeah, but I'll know what I need to do in time, I think.

      Thank you dear!

      That's definitely gonna be a beginning, since I have no idea what size body she'll need. :D