Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dollie body plans

I was so close to having bodies for all my dolls. Then I decided Charlotte needs a new one. *sigh*
Actually Andrew needs another body too and Scarlet needs a taller one, when she gets home. 

Anyway I'll share my plans. 

Charlotte is currently on a SQLab 61cm girl body, but I really wanted to come as close to a chubby look as possible for her, and when I found 2D Doll I just knew I had to get it for her. It's a bit shorter than I wanted for her, but the chubby look is more important for me.

I know I mentioned this a million times, but I need the Popodoll 68cm boy body for Andrew. I want him to be taller than most of my characters. It'll look a bit funny next to Estelle, but I'm sure it's gonna be okay. 

Scarlet is my tallest female character. She's supposed to be taller than most of my male characters. So I went looking at Spirit Doll's 66cm Proud girl body. Sadly, when I researched resin match, it looked like it wouldn't match. Then I noticed Spirit Doll does custom resin matching for a fee. I should be able to buy it as soon as I receive her and can sell her body to a local person. 


  1. That looks like a perfect plan to buy!! :D Hope you can get them all :3

    1. I hope so too! :D But it's so expensive with all these dollie plans x_x

  2. I'm in love with the body from the first pic, it's very pretty. I hope you get them all eventually :D!
    Sometimes I'd like my Onyx to be a little bit shorter, but I'm not good at hybrids so I don't know if I could xD

    I love reading your plans, it's always so much fun

    1. It's just perfect for Charlotte. :D I hope so too!
      Maybe you need to give it a try or maybe it's just not for you? It's something you can feel for yourself I think :)

      Thank you so much! :D