Sunday, September 14, 2014

Monique wig wishlist

Inspired by Musume's Lullaby Poem wig wishlist, I'm sharing my wishlist for Monique wigs!
I also love Lullaby Poem wigs, but I need to think harder about which of their wigs I want, because I want ALL of them. Haha.

But I also really love Monique wigs, so here's my wishlist.

I want this one for Charlotte. This is naturally after she gets her hair cut. Storywise she has longer hair in the beginning of the books. 
I want it in Golden Auburn, because Charlotte is supposed to have a reddish-brown hair color. The style is perfect. More perfect than the bob style she currently has. 

This one, too, is for Charlotte. Of course pre hair cut. Charlotte is from a semi-rich household, so appearence is everything in her family. The style is less conservative compared to Estelle's wig, and much more in touch with Charlotte's personality. 
Sadly, they don't offer Golden Auburn, so I'm going for Auburn.

This one I want as Estelle's relaxed look. It's very rare for Estelle to wear her hair down, but of course it happens when she's alone. 
I want the same Near Black color as her bun style wig has. 

I want this one for a future doll. It's intended for Annabelle (Iplehouse SID Eva in light brown)
Originally I wanted to go for a mohair, but I think this one might be better. Annabelle is supposed to have lots and lots of dark red curls. 
The color I'm going for is Burgundy.

This one is also for a future doll. Nneka (Iplehouse SID Bibiane in ebony skin)
The color is gonna be like in the picture. Near Black.


  1. That is a lovely wishlist of wigs!! Can't wait to see them on your dolls :3
    And thanks for mentioning me!

    1. I hope to buy at least some of them soon! :D Monique wigs are really wonderful.
      And no problem dear! :) Thanks for taking your time to leave a comment!

  2. Lovely choices! I especially like that second one - it's tempting me to do some wig-shopping of my own!

    1. Haha, I'm also in a mood for wigs lately! It's so expensive to be in such a mood. :P

  3. Such a nice selection of wigs! It's so hard to see exactly what's gonna look just right on a doll, so I have lots of extra wigs around, but I'm still always looking at more xD
    I've never had any monique wig, but I've heard very nice things about them

    1. I always change my obsessions. For a long while it was heel shoes, but now I'm obsessed with wigs. :D
      I have a couple of Monique wigs and the quality is really nice! :) I definitely recommend them. They tend to look much nicer irl.