Thursday, October 30, 2014

Gonna Get Outta Here [Iplehouse EID Rebecca boy]

Some weekends ago I was at Chazzi's and we got to take some pictures.
Connor was finally a full doll again. I've had his chest piece out for modding, because I wanted to have him look like he binds his chest.
I think the mod was pretty succesful!
Now all I want is getting sleeve tattoos and an Eclipse21 wig for him, and he'll be more or less perfect.

Thanks to Chazzi for letting me borrow her camera and editing the photo for me.


  1. He's handsome! Ilove how nice blue looks on him. I've heard great things of Eclipse21's wigs, but I haven't seen any in person, I'm sure he will look amazinh whatever you do with him :)!

    1. Thank you!
      I only have one Eclipse21 wig currently, but I'm a big fan :D I just love it!
      And I think Eclipse21 makes such amazing custom wigs, I could really get the exact one I want for Connor. But I need to save up for it first :P

  2. He is such a lovely guy!! I can't wait to see him finished.
    I think tattoos would give a nice twist to his pretty face ;D
    And oh! That tan is just so delicious *___*

    1. Thanks dear! :D
      I still need to figure out how the sleeves should look. I can't draw, so I'm not even sure how to go about it >_< Haha.
      And yes! I just love Iplehouse's light brown tan skin.

  3. He's such a gorgeous boy, absolutely love his faceup. :) He looks like the kind of guy you really want to be friends with. :D Can't wait to see him with his wig!

    1. Thank you a lot! :D
      He's a sweetheart, even though he's also a fool. Haha. But he would definitely be a great friend. :P