Wednesday, December 3, 2014

BJD prompt #1 The wait

I'm running out of ideas for this blog (I blame the winter, because winter sucks. Haha), but I remembered my friend Maria posted some written prompts, and I thought it was a great inspiration for rambling some more.

The first topic:
What are some things you do while you wait for your doll or doll things to come in?

Does calling Maria to whine and cry about it count as "doing something"?
Haha, no, I'm honestly very bad at the whole "waiting" thing, but I've come to accept it as a part of the hobby. I've been in the hobby for almost six years now, so I've found my strategies.

Most of the time I try to avoid thinking about a new doll at all. Instead I'll try and spend my energy on my dollies at home.
Some times it doesn't work, so instead I'll change my focus. I'll buy more! It's a bad habbit and I don't recommend it. Haha.But it can be useful (for me), because I'll often be shopping stuff for the incoming doll. I haven't really done it with Merry yet, so I have nothing for her, except a wig I got from Maria.
Other times I'll get all obsessed with the character I've just bought (happened for me with Connor), so I'll write an awful lot on their chapters in that time span.
Rarely, and I mean very rarely, I'll try and sew stuff for the incoming doll. It often ends in tears and yelling. Haha.

It's much easier waiting for non-resin stuff, because it's often a much shorter wait. And I really tend to forget about it, until it arrives.


  1. Love the idea of doing the prompts!! And yes, I think it is part of the hobby... it is a hobby to develop patience :3
    Hope you will keep up with the prompts!

    1. I have no patience u_u But somehow I make it through each time.
      I will try! :D

  2. Cool ideas with these prompts! Looking forward to be reading more ^^

    I HATE the waiting, but I try to keep myself occupied with stuff as well. I usually tend to not really talk about anything else than my incoming dolls when I wait. 'XD
    I've discovered that there is this really nice fan-base on DoA for PW dolls, so I'm just fangirling together with them most of the time. :D
    I think buying stuff would be nice...but I'm too poor to buy a lot outside of my layaway installments. ^^"

    How nice you can call Maria to talk about it ;D

    1. I know the feeling. xD When I get really obsessed with a character, I'll ramble on about them to anyone who's willing to listen :P
      Ooh, you've found new friends? :D
      Yeah, it's hard, if you are on SU or kontanthjælp T_T I'm a bit more lucky.

      It's so awesome to have a best friend in the hobby :)

  3. I liked the prompt! I hope there's more to come :D!
    For me the wait is usually easy, I just think or do something else until they ship my doll. It is then where I get really impatient and start stalking the tracking number lol
    My last doll has been harder to wait though so I did what you do: I just bought a bunch of stuff for her XD I also don't recommend going in a shopping spree but I really didn't have anything for her size so it had to be done.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. I'll definitely try and keep posting them! :D
      You're more hardcore than me :P I'm horrible impatient from the moment I place the order. Haha. But I, too, get very impatient, when I have the tracking number!
      Who was the last one you received? :)

    2. I haven't got even a shipping notice for my last one XD should get one any moment now (my PW Lady Alice). But before that I think it was my SOOM Dia in brown tan? yeah I think he was my last doll to arrive