Wednesday, December 17, 2014

BJD prompt #3: Fantasy dolls

What fantasy creature would you like to see as a BJD?

Griffin!! Okay, next question...
No, actually I don't wish for a lot of fantasy creatures. My dolls are indeed from a fantasy universe (low fantasy, so not a lot of fantasy creatures), but they live in an AU as of recently, so I have no use for fantasy dolls. 
I do love fantasy dolls a lot, but I simply have no use for them.
A griffin, though, I wouldn't be able to resist. Simply because in the original story, Gerda has a griffin.
Luts actually released a Zuzu Delf Griffin, but I didn't notice until it was sold out. 


  1. Heh, you're right! A griffon would be brilliant.

    That Luts one was adorable, but I'd love to see a serious/mature version (maybe in the style of some of Souldoll or Soom's fantasy beast hybrids...). I don't know that I'd actually buy one, but I'd still love to see it! ;)

    1. Yeah, I agree. The Luts one would be cute, but a biga** one would be awesome. My dream would be a realistically griffin (kind of like a resin horse), but there's so much talking against one, that I doubt it would ever be released, and if so, I probably wouldn't buy it.