Friday, December 19, 2014

New Year purchase more or less

Yesterday I was looking at the sales from EU at Flickr, because I do so everyday. (Not, a wise idea, trust me)
I saw a photo of a tan Supia Juah for sale, and I got so tempted! 
So I went on DoA to look and see if it had been posted for sale and Juah was there indeed. 
Being the terrible and irresponsible person I am, I PMed her (totally broke) and ask her, if she would consider holding the doll until I get paid and let me pay by layaway. 
She was kind enough to say yes! 

I did have to give up something else I had planned to buy, in order to afford it, but that's life. I really wanted Juah, so I prioritized. 

Hopefully I can buy some stuff from TTYA, before Juah arrives, since I have very little of what Alex would wear. 


  1. Juah is so pretty!!! she's one of my favorite from the newest sculpts, though I still love the older the most~ But those teeth!! Who could resist right? *u*!!!!
    Hope you get her soon~

    1. Juah is indeed pretty! *o* But the older sculpts are gorgeous too! I personally love Rosy :3
      Yeah, one of the requirements for Alex was the head sculpt had to have teeth.
      Thanks dear! :D

  2. Congratulations! :D I'm considering being kinda irresponsible and buying two dolls here at the end of the month >w>;; MAaaaaaaybe three, but the third would be the most impulse of impulse buys

    1. Thank you! :D
      Lots and lots of dollies! Yay. I hope you can get them. And that you can decide between the Withdoll and Minifee Mirwen :3