Sunday, December 14, 2014

Re-using a sculpt

I'm definitely going back to posting prompts too, but I was thinking about something I wanted to share.

I tried selling my Iplehouse SID Eric, because he didn't fit the character "Hunter", but I didn't feel like selling him either.
1. I hate selling stuff. It's so much work.
2. I was afraid I would have to lower the price so much, I would lose way too much.
3. I actually like the sculpt.

So I looked at owner pictures of the Eric sculpt to see, if I could use him for someone else, and tried dressing him up.
In the end, I think he may work as "Damian".
So for now, that's who he'll be.

And just a pic of him as Damian.


  1. He looks really nice! I really like this change!
    Hope you can bond with him as this character!!!

    1. Thanks! :) There's been a lot of trouble with this certain character, so I hope this will help :D

  2. I'm glad you found a new purpose and character for this lovely doll!
    Selling dolls definitely sucks :(

    1. Yeah, I really didn't want to + the fact I like the sculpt a lot :(
      So I hope he'll work out as Damian!

  3. It's really nice that you found the interest to try and reinvent him. ^^
    He is indeed a lovely sculpt, so yeah, its great you'll play a little with him to make him fit. I love the hair and eyes, they go so well together. :D
    Also, it can be really sad to have to sell a nice doll for less than what you are comfortable with. >__<

    1. Yeah, I feel like he's worth more than I can get for him, if you know what I mean?
      He's such a lovely doll, so I'm glad he gets to stay ^^

    2. I do know what you mean. I have an older Doll Heart dress for SDs, and I tried selling it some time ago...but people asked me to lower the price so many times it just got really uncomfortable in the end. I then just decided to keep the dress...even though its not a style any of my SD dolls will have, I just don't feel like selling the dress for less than its worth ^^
      So now you have that guy you can just play around with as you like ;D

    3. Ahh yes, I remember that dress. I can't believe people would expect you to lower the price on such a quality dress. But Dollheart stuff doesn't sell as well as it used to :( But maybe you'll find a use for it someday! :D