Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Another "Stuff I'm waiting for" list

I've been buying a bit for my dolls recently, so I thought I would share it,

First we have a Tata order, I placed with Maria.

I actually bought the green version for Connor, but it was sold out. *cries* 
But black will be okay too. 

I also bought this shirt for Connor, so he can show off his gorgeous new tattoos. 

Also for Connor.

Bought two for all my smokers (I have too many of those. Haha)

I bought these for Scarlet.

And some heels for Scarlet.

And some for Estelle.

Later I placed a Rrabit order

I'm not completely sure, who it's for, but I just needed it.

A shirt my girls can share.

Another one for sharing.

More sharing.

And more sharing.

Lastly I placed a tiny Taobao order for Maria's birthday present and got myself this for Gerda:


  1. Lots of super nice stuff!! *^^*
    I love the stuff you've ordered for Connor, he will be so cool *___*

    1. Thanks :D
      I'm so excited about the stuff for Connor *o* He's my babbu after all. :P
      *hugs back*

  2. Great stuff, specially the Rrabit things! Hope ypu ge tthem soon~

    1. Thanks! I actually ended up receiving them today! Much faster than expected. :)

  3. Did you notice if Scarlet's black, glittery heels came in a 39½? :D

    1. That would have been perfect for you, if only :P