Monday, January 5, 2015

Goals for 2015

I posted my goals for 2015 on RG and DoA, and twice I've already messed up. I'm now gonna write my goals for the last time, here, and see if I can stick to them! (Probably not)

1. Pay off my layaways.
2. Buy Hunter (LLT Roderich) and his body (April Story Senior boy body)
3. Buy Annabelle (Iplehouse SID Eva)
4. Buy a Popodoll 68cm boy body for Andrew
5. Buy a 2D Doll girl body for Charlotte
6. Buy from Freedom Teller
7. Buy at least 4 pairs of urethane eyes
8. Buy wigs for Damian, Annabelle, Robin, Lu, Alex and/or Scarlet
9. Buy a school uniform for Gerda
10. Buy more clothes for Robin, Connor, Tahir, Damian, Scarlet, Annabelle, Alex and/or Hunter
11. Commission one or two face-ups

So lots and lots of spending money. To be honest, it's my main "way" of being in the hobby. I don't sew (I do try and fail time and time again), I can't do face-ups, I suck at taking pictures, so spending money and being social are my main ways of having fun. If I should have made a goal for being a bit creative, I would say write some stories for this blog, but we'll see. ;)


  1. Nice goals!! I hope you can complete your family and have them exactly as you want them!
    Happy new year, dear! All my best wishes for you :D

    1. Thank you dear! :D I hope so too. I really want to finish the ones I have at home.
      Thanks <3

  2. I like the goals :D Everyone has their own way of enjoying the hobby, so it's good that you have your own way of going around it! I'd say though, it'd be pretty cool to have some stories, to see more background to your characters and stuff :3 they're all so interesting <3 and I'm so excited to see Annabelle, Hunter and Nneka (That was the name of your Twigling girl, right?) whenever you end up getting them all home :D

    1. Thanks! :D
      I'll try and see if I can post some of the stories I write xD I'm just paranoid that it won't be good enough.
      Yes, her name is Nneka :D I'm very excited about them too. =w=

  3. Everyone has a different way to enjoy the hobby. Nothing wrong with purchasing things to make your dolls look pretty, I think you do it great since all your dolls are lovely.
    I hope you get to finish the year with all your list checked :)

    1. Thank you so much! I often feel like I have -nothing- for my dolls, but it may just be because I easily get bored with my stuff. Haha.
      Thank you! :D