Sunday, March 8, 2015

What I've been up to

I've been horrible at keeping people updated to what I've been doing dollie-wise. That doesn't mean nothing has happened, though.

I can't remember the order of how I've been doing these things, so forgive me!

1. I bought a Twigling Ingenieuse off my dear friend Anne. My plans for her is to make her my character Gabriela, and my wonderful friend Michelle kindly offered to do a face-up on her. I still need to buy lots of stuff for her, but that'll have to wait a bit!

2. I bought a Twigling Ingenue on the year long layaway. She's coming home in a light brown skin tone, blank, unstrung and everything. I have faith that I can assemble her myself, when I have the same body already. Ingenue will become my character Nneka. If anyone know of a good shop (besides Monique) that offers a afro, please tell me!

3. I'm waiting for a Dollits Rey head! I found the company and fell hopelessly in love with the head, but I wanted it for Hunter, and 70cm is too tall for him. Luckily I found the head for sale on DOA, so I bought it. I want to use it with a April Story Senior boy body I'm buying off Maria.

4. I'm currently trying to sell my Feeple65 Chloe (old Robin). Thanks to a friend, I've decided to reshell her as a Souldoll Zenith Bella. She'll keep being tall, but I like Bella's face a lot more for Robin. It's all future plans, though, as I want to focus on finishing my layaways and then bodies for my floating heads.

5. I'm strongly considering keeping my Minifee Ante, when she arrives. I'll let time decide though.

6. I received my Classy Doll girl bodies. It has been a long wait, but I'm really pleased with them.

7. I'm one payment away from having paid off Alex.

And I thiiink that's all I have to tell at the moment.


  1. Lots of awesome stuff going on :D YAY!

    1. Yay! :D I'm so excited for all this stuff :D

  2. Those are a lot of happy updates going on!!! Congrats!!
    Hope you get everything you want to :3, you definitely should share more photos of your doll crew!

    1. Thanks dear! :D
      I will try my best to post more pics! :P