Saturday, March 28, 2015

Writing: AU - Did it Matter? - 2

I've written another short chapter in Hunter's storyline.

Hunter's PoV

“So… what do you wanna do?”, Tahir asked, while he and Hunter was sitting across each other on the floor. Peter had come over to talk to Jack, so Hunter had been asked to entertain Tahir. Alone, this time, because Scarlet had a detention again.
Resting his hands on his bent knees, Hunter responded. “Do you wanna meet my friends?”
“Sure”, Tahir replied.
Hunter was surprised at his own feelings, while the boys left the house. What if he don’t like them? But he forced the thought out of his head. What does it matter, anyway?

The twins were the ones to open the door, when Hunter rang the doorbell. Wide-eyed Donna had stared at Tahir, but she was keeping her surprised thoughts under control. Damian responded politely, as Hunter had expected.
Hunter and Tahir was led into the twins room, and offered a seat on the two beds. Donna sat next to Tahir, while Damian stayed by Hunter’s side. Donna couldn’t contain herself anymore, and the questions rained down on Tahir. “Who are you? Why did Hunter bring you here? How old are you?”
“Donna, take it easy”, Hunter said, but Tahir replied politely to her questions. The green eyed girl looked so excited that she might as well burst into flames.
“Say something in your own language”. Donna said.
“Donna, that’s rude”, Damian told her, “Apologize”.
“I’m sorry”, she looked genuinely sad, “I didn’t mean to make you feel bad”.
“You didn’t”, Tahir told her, “English is my own language. I only speak broken Arabic. I haven’t learned it well enough to speak it properly yet”.
“Did you learn Arabic from your parents?”, Damian asked.
“Yes, I’m learning it from my mother. We mostly speak Arabic together, but I haven’t seen her in a while”, Tahir said, but he looked so sad, Hunter noticed.
“Let’s go outside”, he suggested.

“Do you like to play socces?”, Damian asked Tahir.
“Donna, you can be the goalkeeper…”
“Oh man, why am I always the goalkeeper?”
“Because you suck at aiming”.
While the twins fought, Tahir looked at Hunter and laughed. Hunter couldn’t help, but returning a smile.
As it turned out, Tahir was as lousy a football player as Damian and Hunter. None of the boys were able to score a goal. But it didn’t seem to matter. Somehow the mood was uplifting and fun.
But not before long the sun went down, and the twins had to go home.
“My father is probably waiting for me”, Tahir said, “Should be leave too?”
“Yeah”, Hunter said.
“It’s been fun today”
“It was”
“Thanks for bringing me”, Tahir said as he stopped up. He hugged Hunter. It was so unsual for Hunter. Normally he disliked physical contact with strangers, but he relaxed in the other boy’s embrace. He was so warm and soft.

“Let’s do it again another day”.


  1. Aww, that was so cute ; u ; I really like the interaction between all of them, cutiepatooties <3 and I'm just falling more and more in love with Tahir :D He's so kind and calm!

    1. Thank you so much ;w; I've always liked this group of friends among my characters.
      Ahh, I love Tahir a lot TwT He is definitely a kind guy. Now I wanna go and hug his doll form. :D

  2. Awww how cute!! Tahir is the cutest!

  3. Super cute story! I can just imagine those children playing together *^^*

    1. Thanks dearie <3 :3
      I just love writing about them as children. They're so damn cute XD