Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Who am I [Minifee Ante]

I wanted to show of Jaxie and tell a bit more about her story.

Okay, so the story starts with Jaxie who is lost and confused in the woods. She is left alone and crying, when a (not so) kind fairy called Tabby finds her. Tabby is torn. She feels like she should help Jaxie, but she's also hesitating, because it seems like so much trouble. She does, however, help her.
Tabby knows an elf called Iyeri, who can restore memories and this elf owes her a favor, but there is a little problem. Tabby can't remember where to find Iyeri. So the two unlikely friends goes off to find the elf, but soon humans searches for Jaxie.

Lots of other stuff happens of course, but I won't spoil the whole plot.


  1. Jaxie is such a cutie! Her story sounds really interesting too :)

  2. Oh! She is so cute! And her story sounds very interesting already *^^*

  3. She is really cute!!! The story sounds interesting, I hope you will write about it, and share it!

    1. Thank you! :D
      I'll try my best :3

  4. Sooo cute <3 Can't wait to see / hear more about her!

  5. Cute! I wanna knows what happens :D