Saturday, June 13, 2015

Rambling about Nneka + possibly a new character?

I'm in the middle of a layaway for a Twigling doll I had planned to be Nneka. I haven't asked for a specific sculpt yet, but I had Ingenue in mind, but news about the skin colors in the order and my own thoughts, have made me reconsider the original idea.

Twigling told people in the discussion thread that the tan will be a lighter tan rather than a darker one (I asked exactly how light this tan would be, but I haven't gotten a reply yet), but I think it'll be impossible to make it work for me, with a lighter tan, even if it were to match Iplehouse light brown, I fear it won't be dark enough for my character. I should have thought it through.

But in the middle of this mess, I've considered if I could find another, better Nneka out there. Michelle was kind enough to help me, and one of her ideas was really great.
Dollshe Amanda
Dollshe is awesome and offers a wide variety of skin colors, and I think their ebony would work well for my character. And the face is great too.
Here's a Flickr search of the few pictures available

Mean while, my "do not buy any more Iplehouse dolls" plans may be ruined. Iplehouse released Aaliyah as a basic now, and Aaliyah is probably one of my favorite girls from Iple.
My big problem is, though, I have no character for her. And having a story-bound character is a rule for me. But my brain will not let me get away from this, it keeps trying to justify how I can bring home Aaliyah.
Maria was helping me figuring out how she could fit into my original story and AU at the same time, and I like the ideas we've got so far.
In the AU, Aaliyah could be an Indian trans woman named Avani. I've wanted to make representation for trans women for a while, but it never really fit in, but maybe it will now?
I'm not 100% sure how she could know the other dolls. I kinda want her to maybe end up dating Nneka, because Nneka never worked as straight, and I don't mind more bisexual female characters. According to the original story (which I won't go into details about) I think Aaliyah/Avani could also be a friend of Hunter and Tahir.

I tried making a doll of Aaliyah/Avani in a doll-maker.
I feel like the Aaliyah sculpt can pull off an older look, and I wouldn't mind having her being in her early 30's. I think it would be interesting making her a modern, mature kind of woman. More on the stylish side, than the cute. I get this "business-woman" kind of feel from her.

I know I shouldn't be making anymore new characters, and especially not to buy any more dolls, but ugh, I'm so much in love with Aaliyah, I think it may work.


  1. You have some really nice plans here!!! Hope you get can get them all to work!
    Nneka and Avani seem really interesting characters. Hope you will share more about them!

    1. Thanks dear <3 I'm a bit disappointed that the first idea of Nneka won't work out, but it made other ideas possible, so I won't complain :D
      Thanks! I definitely will :3

  2. Avani sounds like an interesting character! I can't wait to see all of your plans turn into reality, like with Nneka too :D
    A shame with the Twigling tan being so light though, but nothing is so bad that it's not good for anything, yeah? :3

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you think so! :D But it's plans for far off in the future.
      Yeah T_T It's a shame, but yeah indeed :)

  3. It's sad when ones plans gets 'ruined', but then again, it often forces you to come up with new stuff in stead.
    I think your ideas for your character Avani sounds super cool!! *__*

    1. Indeed :D And I'm fairly happy about the solution to all of it.
      I don't mind if I get to own a Dollshe Amanda ^__^
      Thanks! :D

  4. You always have great ideas for your dolls~

    1. Thank you :3 I hope I'll be able to carry them out ^^