Thursday, August 27, 2015

Questionaire: Connor edition

How does your character think of their father? What do they hate and love about him? What influence - literal or imagined - did the father have?

Connor grew up without knowing his father. Back when his mother found out she was pregnant, he had already moved back to Sudan. Connor grew up longing for his father, without ever knowing what he was like, only having his mother's few stories to imagine him from. 

Their mother? How do they think of her? What do they hate? Love? What influence - literal or imagined - did the mother have?

Connor has had a complicated relationship to his mother. Compared to his grandmother, he don't love nor admire her as much, but he do indeed love her. She was a single-parent, and she had a lot of trouble understanding what it means to be transgender, so they fought a lot. When she finally got it, it was too late to completely repair their relationship. Connor will probably never trust her fully, but he do respect and love her. 

Brothers, sisters? Who do they like? Why? What do they despise about their siblings?

He doesn't have any siblings.

What type of discipline was your character subjected to at home? Strict? Lenient?

Connor's grandmother, who took part in the parenting, was a strict lady. She was never abusive or violent, but she demanded obedience. Connor had trouble with behaving. He couldn't sit quietly in school, and was often in fights with the other kids. 

Were they overprotected as a child? Sheltered?

Not at all. He was allowed to be a "normal" child and get hurt in the process.

Did they feel rejection or affection as a child?

A lot of rejection, which it took a long time for his mother and grandmother to realize. 

What was the economic status of their family?

Lower middle-class.

How does your character feel about religion?

Connor is a casual Christian. He isn't sure there is a god, but he wants to believe there is. 

Is your character street-smart, book-smart, intelligent, intellectual, slow-witted?

Mostly street-smart. He's not slow-witted, but he lacks the patience and motivation to attend school. He is a fast learner and naturally a bit artistic.

How do they see themselves: as smart, as intelligent, uneducated?

He considers himself uneducated, and at times untalented. 

How does their education and intelligence – or lack thereof - reflect in their speech pattern, vocabulary, and pronunciations?

Connor has a decent vocabulary. He went to "better" schools and later on business school, so he can surprise people with his vocabulary.

Did they like school? Teachers? Schoolmates?

No, he absolutely hated school! Everything about it. He was bullied harshly and the teachers sometimes took part in the transphobia.

Were they involved at school? Sports? Clubs? Debate? Were they unconnected?

Connor kept as much away from school as possible.

Did they graduate? High-School? College? Do they have a PHD? A GED?

He dropped out from a business education mid-way in order to achieve his dream of being a tattoo artist.

What does your character do for a living? How do they see their profession? What do they like about it? Dislike?

He's still a tattoo artist. Not awfully succesful, but he can survive. He's proud of his profession.

Did they travel? Where? Why? When?

Not yet. He has simply never had the money to do so, but he want to see the world someday.

What did they find abroad, and what did they remember?


What were your character’s deepest disillusions? In life? What are they now?

Connor thought the world was a fair place with justice. From the harsh bullying all the way through life, he learned justice sometimes doesn't come.

What are your character’s manners like? What is their type of hero? Whom do they hate?

Connor can come off as foul-mouthed and rude, but he would never be unfair towards people he considered victims of a situation. He believes in justice for the "little man", and looks up to people who stand up for the unfortunate. He hates the rich and privilegded people. Also he has a natural hatred for any authority figure.

Who are their friends? Lovers? ‘Type’ or 'ideal’ partner?

Connor has lots and lots of acquaintances. But the people he truly considers friends is Estelle, Andrew, Gabby and Alex.
He is in a relationship with Gwen, and he has had a years-long crush on Estelle, and been in a relationship with Robin.
All of the girls that has been involved in Connor's love life has been widely varied, so he doesn't really have a "type". He and Gwen makes a great couple, because they respect and try to understand the difficulties of each other.

What do they want from a partner? What do they think and feel of sex?

Connor want to be understood, or at least met with a kind of mutual respect for his and his partners differences.
Gwen was his first sexual partner. He has always been afraid of sex, because he was scared his partners would stop seeing him as a man. He hasn't undergone bottom surgery yet. Gwen made him feel safe and let him decide when it was time to debut, so it was a good experience for him, even though it took several times before the anxiety went completely away.

What social groups and activities does your character attend? What role do they like to play? What role do they actually play, usually?

Connor's friends are a varied bunch, but most of them are from lower social class. He is seen as a goofy fool by his friends. There usually involved alchohol in his social activities, aside from when he plays basketball.

What are their hobbies and interests?

Connor likes to gamble, it's been a bit of a problem for him, but he has gotten it, somewhat, under control.
He also likes to draw, which has been an interest from way back to his childhood.
Aside from that he plays basketball on a amateur level.

What does your character’s home look like? Personal taste? Clothing? Hair? Appearance?

Connor lives in a small flat in a not-so-nice neighbourhood. He can't afford anything better, though he wants to live more decently.
He likes things a bit rough. Baggy pants, cargo pants, tank tops, hoodies, side-cuts, tattoos.

How do they relate to their appearance? How do they wear their clothing? Style? Quality?

Connor cares a lot about his apperances. He has attention to details and he lives to make cheap things look expensive. His style is very consistent.

Who is your character’s mate? How do they relate to him or her? How did they make their choice?

His girlfriend is Gwen, and they have only dated for a couple of months. They've known each other for some time, but in the beginning they couldn't stand each other. Connor thought Gwen was stuck-up. But as he got to know her, he realized, Gwen is a sensitive and kind-hearted woman, who has some mental problems to deal with. He fell in love with her open-minded and loving personality.

What is your character’s weaknesses? Hubris? Pride? Controlling?

Connor has a lot of pride, but it's an illusion. On the inside he is always second-guessing himself.

Are they holding on to something in the past? Can he or she forgive?

Connor think his biggest mistake was breaking Robin's heart in such a cruel way. He still can't forgive himself, and it made him hesitate a lot about going into a new relationship.

Does your character have children? How do they feel about their parental role? About the children? How do the children relate?

Connor doesn't have any children, but he loves kids and dream about having a family one day. He really want to be a father.

How does your character react to stress situations? Defensively? Aggressively? Evasively?

Definitely evasively.

Do they drink? Take drugs? What about their health? 

Yes and yes. Connor has had a bit of a problem with alchohol, but as his self-esteem got a bit better, he got in under control. He do smoke hash from time to time, but it's more of a social thing rather than an addiction.

Does your character feel self-righteous? Revengeful? Contemptuous?


Do they always rationalize errors? How do they accept disasters and failures?

Yeah, Connor probably has a tendency to rationalize his own failures. But if the failures relate to his self-esteem in any way, he'll feel the weight of the errors on his shoulders, and blame himself too harshly.

Do they like to suffer? Like to see other people suffering?

No and no. Connor hates suffering.

How is your character’s imagination? Daydreaming a lot? Worried most of the time? Living in memories?

Connor has a vivid imagination and he daydreams a lot, but isn't worried most of the time. He can distance himself from his problems to some degree.

Are they basically negative when facing new things? Suspicious? Hostile? Scared? Enthusiastic?

No, Connor is naturally curious and enthusiastic. He faces the world with a positive mind.

What do they like to ridicule? What do they find stupid?


How is their sense of humor? Do they have one?

Connor has a self-depriving kind of humor. However, he hates humour that discriminates a minority.

Is your character aware of who they are? Strengths? Weaknesses? Idiosyncrasies? Capable of self-irony?

No, Connor sees way more of his flaws than his strengths. He has a good sense of self-irony though.

What does your character want most? What do they need really badly, compulsively? What are they willing to do, to sacrifice, to obtain?

Besides, wanting his closest friends to be happy, Connor's dream is to open his own tattoo studio. He didn't always knew he wanted this, but it's been hidden in his mind for years, while he convinced himself he needed to make his mother proud. However, he realized his mother already is proud of him, so he decided to skip out of his education and start learning how to do tattoos.

Does your character have any secrets? If so, are they holding them back?

Connor has hidden his trans status for most people after his started transitioning. He knows that he'll lose some friends, if the secret got out, and he isn't ready to take the risk yet.

How badly do they want to obtain their life objectives? How do they pursue them?

Connor has two life objectives. Transition first of all, which he sees as important, but he doesn't feel it's essential for his happiness. For Connor, his identity is in his brain and not in his pants. Still, he has dysphoria.
Secondly, he strives to make a difference. He wants to change the world to the better, and he is willing to lose friends on this, if it came down to it.

Is your character pragmatic? Think first? Responsible? All action? A visionary? Passionate? Quixotic?

Connor is a mix. He'll think first, if he has the chance, but if stressed he'll act before thinking.

Is your character tall? Short? What about size? Weight? Posture? How do they feel about their physical body?

Connor is about 180cm or 70.8" and is 70kg or 154 pounds. He is very insecure about his body, but while transitioning he has gotten more accepting of his body. He doesn't feel the severe dysphoria as much, but he still feel it from time to time.

How are your character’s gestures? Vigorous? Weak? Controlled? Compulsive? Energetic? Sluggish?

Connor is energic and vigorous.

What about voice? Pitch? Strength? Tempo and rhythm of speech? Pronunciation? Accent?

After he started on hormones his voice has gotten deeper. He talks in a fast and melodic way with mixed slang and standard speech.

What are the prevailing facial expressions? Sour? Cheerful? Dominating?

Connor is usually smiling. He tries to look tough, but he has a soft expression most of the time.


  1. This was very detailed!! The profile picture seems to adjust so well to the text too :)
    Very interesting read, thanks for always sharing your characters with us

  2. I really love reading about your characters, specially Connor :D He seems like such a nice character, and it's so detailed! Really clear that you've been working on hirs character for a while!