Monday, August 24, 2015

Tag: By Musume

Thank you so much Musume for creating this meme.

How did you met BJDs? How much time passed until you got your first doll?

Okay, so back in 2005/2006 I went to this school. It's kinda like a boarding school, but not really. You live there for a few years while finishing the last couple of years in school. It was lots of fun (some of the best years of my life).
It was also here I met Maria, who was my room mate back then. We became really good friends due to similaritity in our music taste, and she got me into anime. Later it was Japanese music and other Japansese stuff.
One day Maria was searching for cosplay pictures and she came across a Gazette cosplay, but this cosplay was different. It wasn't humans, it was dolls! Both Maria and I found the dolls to be beautiful, but when we learned about the price I thought "yeah right, I'll never spend that kind of money on a doll"
We graduated from school, and had long forgotten about these dolls, but our love for Japan lived on.
Back then a forum existed. It was a forum I think was supposed to be for people who used to be apart of a different, older website? Anyway, Maria was a member, and I ended up joining too. They had meet-ups, and Maria and I often went to those meet-ups in Aarhus, and one time at a meet-up two girls walked past us carrying BJDs. Both me and Maria recognized the dolls, and I don't remember it clearly, but we ended up talking to those girls, and we got to play with the dolls.
Right now, I'm unsure, but I remember a Minifee Shiwoo was present.
Okay, after that I slowly started getting more and more into the idea of buying a doll, but I wasn't sure I could justify it yet, so I just stalked the Danish BJD forum Resin Garden. I was in love.
Only a few months went by, and in December 2007 I went to visit Maria. We talked each other into buying a doll.
My first doll arrived in January 2008, and he was a B&G Sky named Tamaki.


  1. This is a really interesting story!!! :O
    Thank you so much for doing this some-sort-of-tag I did! I loved reading your story!

    1. Thank you so much for creating the tag :D <3

  2. I love to read how other people started in this hobby!! Back then doing jrock and visual kei cosplay dolls was all the rage hahaha I was in love with some Malice Mizer dolls :D

    I'm glad you ended up buying a doll because I love seeing your crew~

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Haha, yes! I was so into Jrock back then, but I only listen to it once in a while nowadays. :P But I'm glad I went through it.

      Thank you :) Likewise!