Monday, September 7, 2015

10 facts about Connor

1. Connor was asssinged "female" at birth. Ever since Connor began to detect and understand gender, he has felt like he belonged with the boys. The older he got the more defined his identity got. In the AU, he is currently 24 years old and under-going gender reassignment surgery. He has had a top surgery and is on hormones, but hasn't undergone a bottom surgery yet.
2. His mother and, now deceased, grandmother had a hard time understand what being transgender means. They both tried to somehow "make" Connor into the girl, he was never supposed to be. At some point his grandmother started to understand and accept him, but it took a while longer for his mother. 
3. Connor doesn't know his father. He left to Sudan before Diane, Connor's mother, knew she was pregnant. It has left Connor longing for the father he never knew. 
4. Connor's grandmother had a deep wish for Connor to get a nice education and avoiding a life like herself and Diane, and Connor tried to pay attention in school, but he really hated studying. He got as far as business school, before he dropped out of it, and decided to follow his own dream and become a tattoo artist. 
5. Connor has a lot of acquaintances. Among these there's Nneka, Gabby, Alex and Trent (Belongs to Maria). He used to date Robin, which ended really horribly, and he is now dating Gwen. Besides that he had a ten year long crush on Estelle. 
6. He met Gwen through Nneka, but he throught she seemed stuck up and boring. Little did he know that he would fall in love with her, by the time he got to actually know her. 
7. Connor knows he drinks too much and has a problem with gambling. It got a bit better after he ended up with Gwen, though. When he's drunk, he tend to brag a lot and get into fights. 
8. Connor hates all kinds of authority figures. Teachers, politicians, the police. He doesn't trust them. 
9. Connor's hobbies are baseball and drawing. He also enjoys playing guitar and singing, but doesn't plan on ever doing it professionally. 
10. Connor and Gwen owns a cat call Hyena. It's an old, worn-out tomcat, that hates most people. 


  1. Connor might be one of my favorite characters from you, He's such a complex person, with some really bad habits but He still is very lovable despite of them.

    And that hair is pure love.

    1. Thank you so much! ;w; Connor is one of my favs. He's changed so much during these past years, but I love his story and personalty as it is now. :3 I'm so happy you think he's complex!

      His wig is not as nice as it used to be. It was worn down by being showed into a "pillow" many times. But I needed to protect his tattoos.
      I'll have to look for a new wig though :P

  2. Connor is by far my favorite character of yours!! He is amazing and complex, and so real. Thank you for sharing these facts, I loved reading them! :D

    1. Thank you dearie :3 I love Connor so much so your nice words mean a lot to me :) <3