Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Introducing new characters: Agnes Lindquist Turner

Agnes was created very similar to Gerda, because my mother requested it. She wanted some recemblance, which in my mind, isn't a bad thing.
So she's Yoonie's 16 year old cousin. (Yoonie belongs to Maria) She's half British, half Swedish, and is a high school student.
She doesn't have any siblings, but she lives with both of her parents.
As a person, she's a cheerful, silly kind of girl, who has a bit too much energy. And she's very social.

As a doll, she still needs a new wig. Maria suggested I should get her a new hairstyle in the same ginger color as Gerda used to, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. So for now, she still has a bob cut.
Her style will be a teeny bit different from Gerda, as Agnes likes simple dresses (but nothing too fancy), but she'll also still wear casual stuff.


  1. Cool! She is always so cute :D Agnes is a nice name, very modern ^^
    Hope to see more soon. :3

    1. Thanks dear! :3 I've always loved the name "Agnes" ;)

  2. Love her freckles! I think the bob cut suits her nicely, but a longer wig would also look amazing!
    Really like her name too~

    1. Thank you!
      I want her to not look exactly like her old character, so sadly, I need a new wig. T_T I also really love bub cut styles.:3

  3. She sounds lovely! Glad you are keeping her hair color, I think it looks great on her!
    Also, her character is very interesting, and will love to see more of her!

    Are you changing Connor's character, too?

    1. Thanks a lot dear!
      She ended up staying kinda similar to Gerda, but I don't mind. :P

      Somewhat? I think he'll keep his personality, but he has a new name, and I'm still figuring out what his past story should be about :)