Monday, October 12, 2015

Introducing new characters: Felix Wade

Felix is also very similar to his old character, Connor. But some things are different with his new character.
Felix is a 24 year old trans man. He was orphaned, when he was an infant, and he had been thrown around in the foster system a lot. No families wanted to keep him for too long because all they could see was a rebellious girl, which was actually just Felix's internal fight to accept himself.
During his later teenage years, he finally got to the conclusion he must have been transgender, and he started seeking "treatment". He has so far had a top surgery and hormones.
Felix is close friends with Trent and Caleb (belonging to Maria) and he deals a bit of light drugs, and drinks a lot.
During his course of transition he met Isabelle (My Iplehouse SID Marien), and they ended up in a relationship.
Felix now works as a tattoos artist, and will often be hanging around Chris' (My Supia Jacob) gay night club.


  1. Oh he changed name hehe. Still love him :)

    1. I tweaked a few things ;) Hehe. Thank you dear <3

  2. I'm happy you didn't change Connor's character too much! Felix is really interesting, and I hope you will share more of him :3

    1. I couldn't make myself turn him into something completely else. "Connor" as a doll moved a bit away from "Connor" as a character in my story, so I thought it would be alright to keep some of the personality :)
      Thanks! I definitely will dear <3