Wednesday, October 21, 2015

My Missing Piece [Iplehouse SID Marien & EID Rebecca boy

It wasn't intended for Isabelle (Marien) and Felix (Rebecca) to be a couple. It just sorta happened. 
And I've ended up shipping them so much. :3 
Felix and Isabelle went to the same doctor during their transition, and when Felix noticed Isabelle, he immediately felt an attraction, even from a distance. So he asked around to get in contact with her, and when he finally got to talk to her, she was a bit weirded out by how much effort he had used. 
But Felix pleaded to get a date. Just one date to prove he was worth it. And Isabelle agreed, mostly out of curiousity. 
Felix turned out to be a genuine romantic guy, who was very respectful of Isabelle, and she started feeling an attraction too. 
And now they're a couple ^^