Saturday, November 14, 2015

What I'm currently wishing for...

Sorry for a long silence from me. I'm in the middle of some problems right now, but I believe I'll sort it out!
For now, have a ramble I've prepared. :D

After I reimagined my entire doll collection, I saw this as my opportunity to buy the sculpts I've always wanted, but couldn't justify with my old rules.
I'll list them in random order, because I have no clue when (and if) I should buy them.

Iplehouse SID Edan
I've loved Edan ever since I saw the first owner pictures, but couldn't find a good reason to buy him. But now that I changed the rules, I have to own him. He's simply so gorgeous. 
My plans are buying him in peach gold. No specific reason, other than it's a gorgeous skin color. 
My plans for him is that he's gonna be a man called Kieran Willams.
For now I know he'll be a typically man, who enjoys boyish stuff and is engaged to a woman, but gets tangled in an affair with Nasim.

Iplehouse EID Jessica
For once, a doll I fell in love with at first sight. I orignally wanted her as Connor, but then Rebecca happened, and I thought I would never get a Jessica. 
So far I have a name for her: Marina Sierra. I want her in real skin.

Dollshe Amanda
I've been trying to find a good reason to buy an Amanda, ever since I first saw her. She's absolutely gorgeous. 
I've been trying to fit her to different characters from my old story, but nothing seemed to work, when I saw the owner pictures, so instead I created a character for her. Her name will be Samantha (Sam) Layeni, and she's gonna be Felix's childhood friend. 
I want to get her in Dollshe's Honey Cocoa tan. 

Iplehouse SID Grace
Isabelle revealed to me, she has a little sister, called Cornelia. *sigh* 
When I looked at Iplehouse for a fitting sculpt, I thought Grace would be perfect. 
I would want her in LB, so she would match her sister, but on the nYID girl body. 
Cornelia is a confident and happy girl, who speaks her mind, even if it'll cause trouble. 
She hasn't always been on the best terms with Isabelle, but now, their relationship is great.

La Légende de Temps Lazuli 
This head has been like a grail for me, ever since I saw the first pictures of it, before it was even released. It looks like a mix between Edria and Roderich, somehow. 
I think he's gonna be my playboy, Desmond Baldwin. 
A rich young man, who goes man-hunting at Chris' gay night club, while Chris has a (not so secret) crush on him. 


  1. I'm sorry you are having problems, but I'm happy to hear they seem to be sorted out.

    On your wish list are some very pretty dolls! <3 I wish you could just buy all of them, because I'd love to see how you'll style them.

    1. Thank you so much <3 I hope it'll be okay soon, but Paypal is the ones causing problems now :c

      Thank you :D It's some of my absolutely favorite sculpts (that I don't already own).

  2. I'm sorry your are having troubles, but I wish you the best and hope you can sort them out soon!

    The sculpts you've chosen are amazing! I particular love Amanda too, but she is so big! And Dollshe delays are so long too! Your new rule is create characters for the dolls you want? In that case maybe you could allow heads to share bodies, or things like that, to avoid having a big collection.

    1. It's a horrible mess ;_; I hope it'll be okay soon

      Amanda is so gorgeous, yes! And big! But I like my girls tall. And short. I just generally like girls. :P
      Yes, kinda "make them fit in" instead of hoping they could work with an existing character. :) Maybe that could be possible yes :3

  3. Sorry to hear you have problems. Hope it'll work out. <3

    Love the dolls you like :D
    They are all super gorgeous! I also really like Edan. At some point I'll need him in my collection as well - but in real skin I think. Yay! I want to see how you style him ^^
    Your new tactic is dangerous I tell you - but it is also very satisfying ;D
    I'll look forward to follow your jurney!

    1. Thank you! I hope so too <3

      Edan is gorgeous. ;w; I sure he'll even more gorgeous in RS! What are your plans for him?
      It is :P But I get to own some of my grail sculpts. Muahaha!
      Thank you! Likewise :3

    2. He is! He is simply an amazing piece of art *___*
      But in PG he'll be gorgeous too :D
      Hmm...I'm thinking he is a prince...and the half brother of Ludwig - my Lawrence ^^
      But I haven't thought so much about it. Seems like it'll be a while before I get a chance to order him. ;_;"

      Haha yeah, exactly. It gives a lot of freedom - but it is expensive ;D

  4. Hope your problems are gone soon!!! I'm sorry to hear you are going through some at the moment.

    Love your plans! and so many iple dolls!! love love love :D

    1. Thanks! It would seem like it's starting to be resolved. :) But I'm completely exhausted. T_T

      Thanks! :D Yes, Iplehouse is my favourite company for sure :P

  5. Sorry to hear about the problems you're going through, hope they'll be sorted out soon!

    Love these dolls you have on your wishlist, your plans for them sound lovely~

    1. Thanks a lot dear :) It may have gotten resolved now, but I still feel so exhausted. T_T

      Thanks you :3 I hope to be able to buy Lazuli first.

  6. Oh my, life can really be hard sometimes and I am sorry to hear that you are going trough an ordeal. I just hope that it will be OK soon!
    When I saw the picture of Jessica, I was totally blown away - such a beautiful doll! Hope that you one day can get these dollies home and make the plans you have true! :)

    1. Thank you so much! :) I think it's getting sorted out now.

      Jessica may be my number 1 favourite sculpt from Iplehouse. I've loved her ever since she was released. :D Thanks, I hope too :3

  7. I hope it all works out well for you in the end ;-;
    I love your wishlist, and there's so many gorgeous IH sculpts on here, I'd love to see you own them and share photos!

    1. Thank you! It should be somewhat sorted out now.

      Thanks! Yes, I love IH a little too much. To be honest I have even more IH sculpts on my wishlist, but have yet to find out what I'm gonna do with them :P

  8. It's great that the problem finally is solved and you don't have to speculate more about it! ♥

    Your wishlist is so great! I can't decide who I'm looking more forward to. Desmond will be such a fun 'archenemy' to Keegan. But Cornelia is gonna be so cute. And Sam!!! I caaaan't. >_<

    1. Thank you dearie for being there all the way through <3

      I'm so pleased with them too! I'm excited by the thought of getting to own some of my grail sculpts!
      And yes, I think Desmond and Keegan will have such an interesting relationship! I hope I can buy him soon :3
      And Cornelia <333 I just wanna buy her noooow!