Monday, December 7, 2015

Doll Goals for 2015

I realized I never shared my goals here, so sorry that's I'm using the ones I posted on DoA.

Buy Alex (Supia Juah)
I bought Alex, and I had him for some months, but decided I didn't understood his character well enough to own him, so I sold him.

 Buy Nneka (Twigling Ingenue)
I did? And I didn't? I ended up trading the layaway for Anne's Ingenieuese. So I did buy the doll, but when she arrives, she'll go to Anne.

Buy Hunter (LLT Roderich) and his body (April Story Senior boy body)
I never bought a Roderich, but I bought an April Story body! And started a layaway for a LLT Lazuli. Haha.

Buy Annabelle (Iplehouse SID Eva) 
I did buy Annabelle, but as a SID Marien. And then I bought a SID Eva from Anne. Oops. Haha.

Buy a Popodoll 68cm boy body for Andrew 
I sold off the Anos head I had for Andrew.

Buy a 2D Doll girl body for Charlotte 
After I changed Charlotte into Tatyana, I decided I wanted her on a taller body. I have yet to buy it, but I'm eyeing a Sadol 63 Honey girl body.

Buy from Freedom Teller
I didn't, but after I changed the doll characters, I can't really use a whole lot from Freedom Teller.

Buy at least 4 pairs of urethane eyes
I did! I added 4 pairs of ED eyes to my PW layaway, and got 5 pairs of Mako on layaway too.
So when they're home, all my dolls will have eyes.

Buy wigs for Damian, Annabelle, Robin, Jaxie and/or Scarlet
I bought wigs for Annabelle and Scarlet, that now has new owners. Isabelle (Marien) is using Scarlet's wig and Nida (SID Eva) is using Annabelle's wig.

Buy a school uniform for Gerda
I didn't. Mostly because I'm waiting for the perfect one to be released. I don't want a baby pink or blue one for Agnes.

Buy more clothes for Robin, Connor, Tahir, Damian, Scarlet, Annabelle and/or Hunter
I bought some. I can't picture who is using which, but I did buy some. But most of the new characters have at least one outfit.

Commission one or two face-ups
I commissioned one. From Pearls of Danube. He should be home soon though.

This was fun! I did kinda terribly, but it's all good. I had fun.


  1. You did good considering that you changed your whole crew characters in the middle of the year. Since your gols were so specific and the plans changed it was bound to happen.
    I love what you have done with your dolls so I hope to see more next year~

    1. Thanks dear! :3 I did, and it did mess up my plans.
      I'm so glad you like my crew so far <3 Me and my bestie have lots of plans so I'll have lots of stuff to blog about in the future. Haha. :D

  2. Yay! Goal review :D
    Its super fun to look back at the plans you had when the year started, and then what you actually ended up doing ^^
    I think it was quite the eventful dollie year for you, no? ;D
    Hope to read more about your new crew soon <3

    1. Yeeesh :D
      It is so much fun, even though I failed a lot. :P
      Yes, it was. I got way more dolls than planned. But it all worked out in the end :)
      I'll post things about them again soon :D

  3. I think you did very good!! Also, it is nice that you changed your crew and that you are more happy with them now!
    Hope you'll post more about your new crew soon! :D

    1. Thank you dearie <3 :3
      I'm very happy with them as they are now. It still needs some work with the characters, but I love it. :D
      I definitely will!

  4. So much happened with your dolls and your plans. I think changing most/all of your characters really did push you in another direction (than where your plans were going to take you). It's very interesting to read about your plans and then what happened :D

    1. You're definitely right, that it's a whole new direction, but I'm so excited about it! :D

  5. I think you did good though, considering that you've been changing your dolls and characters throuhout the year :D can't wait to see what you'll be having as goals for next year!

    1. Thanks dearie <3
      I'll make sure to post them here later :3