Wednesday, December 2, 2015

What I'm currently waiting for (Non-resin)

I somehow ended up waiting for more items than I thought I would, when I added it all up. I thought I would share it with you guys.

These eyes were added to my PW layaway order. The first pair may be for Alina, second pair in upper row is for Trisha, bottom row first pair is for Chris and the last pair is for Fiona.

My friend wanted to order some Mako eyes, so we made a layaway together.
First pair is for David, Second pair is for Dani, third pair is for Nida, fourth pair is for Isabelle and last pair may be for Desmond?

I recently bought a pair of these in black to see, if I liked the quality, and I thought they were great considering the price, so I ordered this pair for Nida.

Me and Maria made a Taobao order together. 
I got these items.

This outfit in black for Agnes.

These boots for Agnes.

I bought some of these plastic wire thingies.

Lastly, I placed an order for a custom corset by Raouken
I'm super excited! I ordered one for Trisha. 


  1. Oh so many goodies!! Love the eyes you chose, but the thing I love most are those pink shoes :O! where are they from?
    Hope ypu get all your stuff soon~

    1. I'm excited about the eyes, but you're right, the shoes~ :D I was so estatic to find shoes for Iplehouse dolls, since they're usually so expensive. T_T They're from here:
      Thank you! :3

  2. Goodies~ I'm curious about those pink shoes as well! I haven't seen them in any other color, so I wonder where you found them in black? :3 Love the eyes you chose!

    1. I should have mentioned it is without the bow, those I found in black but I think I'm gonna hoard a bunch of them and try and see if I can customize them XD
      Thanks! :D

    2. Oh yes, I figured it might be that seller :3 Hope you take pictures of the shoes once you get them, I've been thinking of buying a few pairs too! It can be so hard to find shoes for Iple girls, especially for such great price!

  3. Lots of gorgeous goodies!!! The eyes looks amazing as well as the white heels!
    Hope they all arrive soon!!!

    1. I'm so excited about all the things :D I hope so as well!

  4. So many nice things coming your way :D
    The pink shoes look great! Also - super envious about the ED eyes XD'
    Exiting project with the wires. Hope to hear how you feel about it when you've played around with it ^^

    1. I'm so excited about the shoes. :3 I think they'll look great on Nida.
      ED eyes are so wonderful! :D