Monday, January 11, 2016

Liebster Award (tagged again)

Tagged back by my lovely friend Noam. So I'm gonna post yet another series of questions. Thanks for the tag <3

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1. Have your tastes changed in sculpts over the years?
It definitely has! I started out liking the more anime-like sculpts. Not 100% anime, but a bit more at the anime side than the realistic. I've moved further and further towards realism over the years, though I still love my more anime-alike sculpts such as MDR Merry and Napidoll Chesi! But most of my (short) wishlist is leaning towards realism.
2. Do you have pre-made characters for the dolls that you get home which must fit a certain description, or, do you get them home and let inspiration hit?
I've tried a lot of different tactics over the years, and I always end up creating a character and then look for a sculpt. I do sometimes find a sculpt and come up with a character for it, but then it "grows" beyond the sculpt and I look for a new one. I'm strange like that. xD
3. What do you do when you get hooked on a particular sculpt and want it home right here, right now but can't as you have to save or some other reason?
I tell myself that it's just a material item I don't need to survive and then cry in my sleep. XD
No, for real, I'm in a situatoin now, where I can't and shouldn't buy new dolls for a long while. I'm sure I'll encourter this a number of times, but I just have to accept it.
4. How many dolls are too many to you personally?
I think it may be around 20. I'm at 14-15 counting heads atm, and I feel a bit overwhelmed. I would love to have 50, 100 or even a thousand, but I get frustrated, when I can't make them "perfect" right away. Having unfinished dolls bother me so much. So I don't see myself owning a lot more than 20.
5. What are your thoughts on dolls with already pre-existing characters from movies/books/cartoons/ect.?
I can't see myself doing it, since I get so much enjoyment from creating the characters myself. Maybe I'll do a cosplay with a doll someday, but otherwise, it's not for me.
However, for other people, I don't have a problem. If it works for you, then more power to you :)
6. Acrylic, glass or urethane? And why?
Urethane all the way! I prefer ED eyes or Dollshe, but Mako is pretty nice considering the price, so a good chunk of my dolls wear or is soon wearing Mako eyes. I just love how urethane look.
7. How much does yellowing bother you? What is acceptable before you want something done to liven up that old yellow resin skin?
Tbh, I don't care all that much about yellowing. Felix has yellowed (or actually tuning green) unevenly, but I'm not gonna do anything about it. It's part of these dolls, and I don't mind it.
8. What are your thoughts on anthro BJDs vs actual animal BJDs?
Anthros can be so cute (like Dear Mine or Luts), but I definitely prefer actual animal BJDs. I want a cat from that Russian BJD maker and a dog from Iplehouse!
9. How small is too small? How tall is too tall? Or does hight even matter to you?
I love Lati Yellow/Pukifees, but I won't go smaller than YoSD. I just don't want babies for my bigger dolls. I prefer children above the age of 3. And in the doll universe I share with Maria 68cm is more or less considered very tall, so that's my limit.
10. Do you talk with your resin buddies while painting them, dressing them, just because?
All the time. I don't believe dolls have a soul, but the characters still somehow have life inside of my imagination. :)
11. Do you have a doll you love but will probably never have because finances or impossible to get?
A ton! Many many Volks sculpts. YoSD/SDGr Lorina, YoSD Four Sisters, SDGr Creamy Mami, Charlotte, Lieselotte, Souseiseki. Oh many many more. D:

I'm not gonna tag anyone, since I can't think of anyone to tag :)


  1. Interesting read! I feel like this tag will go round for forever hahaha but I like it XD
    I remember when I first found out about BJDs I liked very anime sculpts too! but of course there was only volks and cerberus project so that ahs something to do with it too XD But after a few years when I decided to check on BJDs again I was sold on getting a Senior delf Anette, which goes on the same aesthetics. So many years passed before I could actually get a doll, my taste changed drastically and it keeps changing! And yours probably will change too, but it's all cool, luckily for us, we can customize everything to our taste over and over :D

    1. Haha, yeah, that was exactly why I didn't tag anyone this time around. XD;
      Yeah, the hobby is wonderful like that, you can do whatever you feel like, customize and make them your own. It's such a great hobby :3

  2. Great answers once again!! I remember you told me you loved urethane eyes when we first met through blogging :D
    Hope you will one day have those Volks dolls you like :D

    1. Thank you dearie <3 :D
      Haha, yeah, I have a huge weakness for urethane!
      I can always dream :D