Tuesday, February 23, 2016

50Q BJD Meme by TheResinCrew

So my dear friend Noam created a new BJD meme! If there's anything I love it's answered questions. (it makes you feel like a celebrity being interviewed!)
And it's a slow evening, so it's wonderful entertainment.
Let's jump right into it, shall we?

1. Have your tastes changed in sculpts over the years? 
It definitely has. Back in 2008, the sculpts was in general less realistic, so I loved the middle ground a  lot more back then. I still do, I still love both anime, realistic and in between, but realism owns my heart today. The more realistic the companies went the more I loved it.
But also, back then I loved Delfs so much. Today I don't care so much for them.
I used to think Iplehouse's old YIDs were boring, but I love and adore the newer Iplehouse dolls.
So definitely changed.

2. Do you have pre-made characters for the dolls that you get home which must fit a certain description, or, do you get them home and let inspiration hit? 
You know, I've tried everything. I just keep creating characters and looking for sculpts for them. I won't say I've never seen a sculpt and created a specific character for it, but it's most the other way aournd.
I'm a very character-driven person. Surprise, surprise! :D

3. What do you do when you get hooked on a particular sculpt and want it home right here, right now but can't as you have to save or some other reason? 
Well, I try to keep my mind occupied with other things, but usually I'll have so annoying days, where I'm obsessed until it fades a bit.

4. How many dolls are too many to you personally? 
It's a good question. I feel like saying "THERE IS NO LIMIT", but I've never managed to get above 15 dolls. I always get overwhelmped and sell soome.
Maybe if I managed to make the ones I already have more or less "perfect" I'll be able to get above 15?

5. What are your thoughts on dolls with already pre-existing characters from movies/books/cartoons/etc.? 
For other people, I think it's awesome. If that's your thing, then go ahead and do it. I admire people who can keep an interest in a character, they don't own. I think it's a great skill.
For me, I find it so unappealing. One of the things I love the most about the hobby or writing, is that I get to create the character/personality/background.

6. Acrylic, glass or urethane? And why? 
I'm a urethane fan. Not gonna lie.

7. How much does yellowing bother you? What is acceptable before you want something done to liven up that old yellow resin skin? 
Yellowing doesn't bother me a lot. I find it to be a natural part of the dolls. Agnes' body has definitely yellowed, probably her head too given it was made in 2012, but I don't really care.
I don't want to mod or sand or do anything to the resin to alter it's state.

8. What are your thoughts on anthro BJDs vs actual animal BJDs?
Anthros are cute and all, but I prefer to enjoy seeing other people's pictures.
Actual animal BJDs, however, I loooove. I want cats and dogs for my crew!

9. How small is too small? How tall is too tall? Or does height even matter to you? 
I think the smaller dolls are super cute, but I don't think I'll go smaller than YoSD size. 68cm is considered very tall in Maria's and my doll universe, so I'll probably stay below that. So yes, height does matter to me.

10. Do you talk with your resin buddies while painting them, dressing them, just because? 
All the time. It's most stuff like "please don't fall over again. Don't do that. If I make a mistake one more time I'll throw you in the trash can" xD

11. Do you have a doll you love but will probably never have because finances or impossible to get?  
Of course! Many of the sculpts I love is sculpts I don't need, so it feels a lot easier to say "whatever". But I've got this idea that I want two friends for Agnes. One of the is gonna be a Maskcatdoll girl, but the other I considered a Volks Souseiseki... I hate myself for even considering it!

12. Do you have a favourite clothing company where you go and buy clothing and/or shoes from?  
Nah, my stuff is from all over. I have a good share from Helleborus, Tata's Paradise and Nine9 Style, though.

13. Your favourite pair of shoes you ever got home? Picture please!  
It was so hard to decide on one pair!
But I think I'm gonna go with my Chess shoes from Tata's Paradise.

14. Favourite accessory and, again, picture!  
Does props count? Because I think one of my favorite props must be my SD sized dice.

15. How many times have you had to redo a face-up in a day?  
I don't really do a face-up on the same head several times a day. I need to get it out of my system and get back to the head, once I've calmed down, if it went horrible.

16. Ever sat screaming and cursing at your sewing machine? Or even if you've sown something by hand? Tell us a bit about one of those silly outbursts!  
No, actually not. I rarely ever sew, which might explain a lot. Haha. I want to sew more often though, but I have so many projects I want to get into!

17. In the past year have you had to find homes for some of your resin buddies?
Lots of them. That's just another part of me and how I enjoy my hobby.

18. Have you ever made any miniature furniture of any kind or do you prefer to buy it?
No, never. Maybe I'm gonna try it someday, but for now I have a fair amount of projects to occupy me.

19. What would you do if one of your dolls went green or banana yellow? Would you try and salvage the damage somehow by mods and the like, or would you reinvent their character?
It has actually happened to Felix. His thigh is turning green. I don't really do anything about it, since it's easily hidden.

20. Ever got two dolls or more home in a year?
I've had a lot of dolls incoming in a single year, but often I also sell out, so it always evens out.

21. Are there a certain theme going style/face-up/accessory/other wise? Or are they all fairly different from one another?
My dolls are very different from each other. Some have company face-ups, some har custom face-ups and some have face-ups done by me. Style-wish I have girls from a gothic band, a stylish actor, a conservative lady, a cute princess kind of girl and there'll also be a couple of tomboys in the future. So they're all over the place.

22. How much is too much to pay for a doll/how little is too little? And why?
I feel like I will pay, what I think the doll is worth, for me personally. I think my most expensive dolls must be Cornelia (Twigling Ingenieuse). I prefer if I can keep the price below $1500, but would like for it to be as close to $600 as possible. But never say never...

23. Do you do mods? Show us some of your work! Would you do them on rare/limited sculpts?
No, I don't, and I think I would never buy a rare sculpt with the intention to mod it. But people can do as they want.

24. Do you prefer getting dolls home blank so that you can do your own face-up, or, do you prefer to have the company paint them for you?
It depends. I've started practicing doing face-ups myself, but I'm still not satisfied with them, so if I could buy a sculpt with a face-up that fit what I want them to look like, then I will still do that.

25. Do you keep up with the various companies releases, events and the like?
Yes, I do! I love seeing new releases and stuff,  which is probably why I keep buying so many dolls...

26. Ever hated having to cover up a body with clothing because the sculpting was absolutely divine and you'd rather just be able to watch all that naked glory for all time?
Nah, not really. I can admire and appreciate a gorgeous body, but I don't think it ruins anything to cover it up with clothes. I still find it beautiful.

27. What is your favourite wig brand?
Definitely Monique. All the wigs I have from them has been much prettier irl than in the photos.
And Monique has a lot of styles and colours, so what's there not to love?

28. How many pairs of shoes do you own for your dolls?
Not enough. I think I almost have a pair for each of my dolls, with execption of SD16 shoes, which I have a little pile of.

29. How many wigs do you have for your dolls?
I have one for each head and a few extra.

30. Do you have a favourite set of clothing? Do you own it? And if, picture please!
Yes, I do, and I own them both!
These two dresses I bought of off DoA. Sorry for an old pic.

31. Do you have a favourite outfit you've made yourself?
Nah, I've thrown away everything I've ever made myself. Haha.

32. Ever commissioned someone? And what for?
Only for face-ups.

33. How many pair of eyes do you have, spare and in use combined?
I have a pair for each dolls + a whole bag of acrylic eyes I only use in emergency xD

34. Ever called in sick because of an incoming package?
No, never.

35. What have been you longest wait? And the shortest?
My longest wait must be the layaway I have at PW right now. It's been a year I think. They allowed me to pay very little each month, so I could pay it off when I have the money. I intend to do it this year. The shortest wait must be one of the dolls I've bought from friends.

36. Do you prefer shooting single shots or group pictures?
Single shots.

37. Do you prefer male or female dolls?  
For me, it's much more a matter of gender than sex. I prefer women over men, but I like both male and female dolls. I just think women are underrated in media, so I want to invest more time in female characters in general.

38. Ever had that one piece of accessory you could never quite find and are still searching for years later?
Hmm, I'm not sure... Does props count? Because I have a whole list of props I'm looking for. Stuff like a tattoo gun, and a SD sized sewing machine.

39. Ever had trouble settling for a sculpt for a given character and had to buy multiple sculpts home before finding that perfect one?
Lots of times. That's a big part of the hobby for me. Hunting for sculpts. Even after I changed my characters, I've experienced that characters can grow and evolve.

40. Do you keep a journal in where you write all of your doll related ideas and plans even if they wont always come to fruition?
Sadly no. But maybe I should?

41. Ever shot some naughty naked/nude pictures? If not, why?
I don't think so? And if I have, I have never posted them.

42. What are the longest time you've had a layaway running? If you've never done one, why are you refraining from making use of this service?
My PW layaway. One year and counting... xD PW are so kind!

43. Do you mind not being able finding a whole lot of pictures of a given sculpt you want home or do you like it's exclusivity?
I hate it! I want to see the doll I want in lots of variations, so I can picture, if it's perfect for my character.

44. Are you more of a share all the pictures type of person or more of a keeping them all to yourself and only share a select few?
I always share. I like seeing my albums on Flickr filling up. ^^

45. How good are you at sticking to your plans if, say, you told yourself you only were to bring home one more this year and then go on a break?
Horrible. Absolutely horrible. I only got to January, before I broke my doll plans. My I plan to do my best from now on!

46. What doll body is your favourite?
Of the ones I personally own, I love the Iplehouse SID woman body for it's look, but not so much for the posing. My Souldoll Double boy body is cute and poses well. April Story senior boy body is a nice body as well. Decent posing-wise and I like the look of it.

47. Who in your resin crew has gone through the biggest transformation since arrival?
You mean like from my first concept to the current version of the same doll?
I changed my characters around, so a good deal of them changed.
Isabelle was mori-inspired.
Cornelia was a tomboy.
Agnes was a bit more tomboyish.
Trisha was a sexy, exotic dancer.
And all the original characters still exist, but the universe they belong in is paused currently, while I have a few other projects.

48. Do you pamper some more than others?
Definitely. If you know me, you would know Isabelle and Trisha are my babies! <3 They're the ones I have the most "perfect" at the moment. Also I just love their stories, their strengths, and their optimism.

49. Ever bought something (dolls, clothing, accessories)  that looked amazing in the pictures but turned out to be nothing like it upon arrival?
One doll arrived looking very different from what I had pictured. My Iplehouse nYID Oscar. I think I had another expectation for him, and he didn't really look anything like that, but he was still a beautiful doll. I did, however, end up selling him.

50. What are your continued plans for this year?
Finish my PW layaway
Buy some clothes, wigs, eyes, shoes, etc.
Buy a doll carrier bag
Sew more
Practice more face-ups
Go to Jointed Hearts

- By MorbidDelusions

I really hope some of you guys will join in in this meme :)


  1. Ohhh I thought I would be reading this forever since it was 50 questions but it was so interesting and the questions so good that time flew :D!
    Thanks for sharing!!! I might do it too since every question I read I was already answering it in my head XD! You should try having a joruinal since you have so many characters!! I do not have one but I have a notebook filled with photoshoot ideas, everytime I think of something I write it down. I started doing this around december and I already have many plans in it!

    1. I had to answer the questions in two tries, since it was so much to think about. Haha.
      I hope to read your answers to it too then ;)
      Yeah, I'm waiting for two Love Live notesbooks, so I may try and use one of them!
      You need to fulfill all those plans! Haha :P

  2. This was such an interesting read! *__*
    I was so entertained! I wanna do this meme too XD'

  3. I saw this meme on Tumblr as well and plan to do it, the questions are great and I think this meme is a great way to get to know people better :) Loved reading your answers~

    1. Definitely :D I'll look forward to reading yours as well!

  4. Those chess shoes are amazing!! And I talk to my dolls too :3
    I also agree with you about dolls with characters from series/games/etc, and with woman being underrated in media T_T
    Hope you can finish your PW layaway soon!!
    This were some great answers to read, maybe I should do the questions, too.

    1. Yeah, when I saw them at Tata's Paradise, I knew I had to have them! Haha. :D
      Women are sadly so underrated T_T
      Thank you!
      You should! :D

  5. It's been a few days since I read your answers not, but it was super interesting to read!! :D But such a long meme!
    I really love those dresses you got from DoA! I'm a bit sad that the seller don't seem to make dresses similar to them any more. :/

    1. It's so long! But I think the questions are super interesting :3 You should do this meme too!
      They're so lovely! I'm so glad I got a hold of them :D And yeah it's so sad she doesn't make similar dresses anymore.

  6. This is an interesting set of questions (and since this is my first time visiting your blog, it was also a great introduction)! :)

    1. Hey! Nice to talk to you ^__^ I guess I could say Welcome to my blog. :)

  7. Wonderful meme! Love the questions and the answers are just the best. And I talk to the dolls too, while my family laugh (filled with love of course, saying "mum, you are so cute") and think that it is the best thing that made their day. Sometimes even they start to talk to the dolls. Then it is my time to laugh. :D Hope to do this meme someday soon!