Sunday, February 7, 2016

Been Missing You (Dollits Rey & MDR Merry)

So I'm back from a weekend in Aarhus. It was a calm and nice weekend with lots of new pictures. :D
I also got to pick up my Dollits Rey head, that had been at Pearls of Danube for 6 months (!!!). I could say a lot about this, but I won't. Just that there's now another reason why I'm excited about learning face-ups myself.

So I've told you about Nessa, but let me tell you about her older brother Desmond.
Desmond had an okay childhood in the South-West England. He was an ordinary kind of boy, who liked "normal" boy stuff like soccer and videogames. But everything went wrong when rumours about Desmond and another boy having been seen being a little too intimate.
When Desmond didn't deny it, his father lost it. Lucky for Desmond his mother was there to calm him a bit. But he yelled and threatened Desmond with every possible threat. Realizing it didn't help, his father decided to just not acknowledge Desmond until he agreed to stop being a "homosexual".
Desmond was at his lowest at this point. He considered suicide, but decided to stay alive and move out as soon as possible.
By the time he moved to London, he was on his own and penniless. He sold his "company" to older guys in exchange for a place to stay and food.
Desmond managed to get a simple job and little by little he got his life together.
He was working in a little store, and doing some fiction writing, when he had time. He tried handing it in to different publishing houses, but was always rejected.
One day an agent from James Crawford's publishing house (Isabelle and Cornelia's father), turned up at his flat and asked him to hand over everything he had ever written, and that was the beginning of Desmond's job as an author.


  1. He's super handsome!! Love the name~ Thanks for sharing a bit of him with us

    I was forced to learn to do face ups way sooner than I wanted to just because my experience getting someone else to paint a doll was not pleasant at all and it was a well known local face up artist so meh >.> ......... now if I want a make over for a doll or they face plant their face into the grass and ruin their faces I can do it all by myself. Sure it's not as pretty as it would be if a more talented person did it but hell, I'm saving money, time and stress treating with irresponsable people.

    1. Thank you so much dearest :D I stole the name from Lost, though he is way different from the Desmond from Lost :P

      I'm sorry to hear that you too had an unpleasant experience. :(
      But I think you're pretty good actually! I would love to reach your level someday, right now I'm at the "beginning" level >_< But practice, practice! :D
      This weekend I just bought a can of Liquitex, so here's to hoping for better weather! :D

  2. Desmond looks amazing! Even though it wasn't a great experience, he sure has a nice faceup now *__*
    I'm super happy to finally see him! I've been oogling Dollits for so long now, it's cool that you have one :D
    I like his story and I'm very happy he has gotten some recognition finally ;^;~<3 May he have a happy life from here on out!

    1. Thank you :3 And yeah, at least I got a nice result, so it wasn't all bad.
      I love, love, love Dollits! Haha. Ever since I saw their dolls for the first time, I just admired them, and then managed to find a reasonably priced Rey head, I couldn't say no. :P
      Have you considered any of Dollit's sculpts?
      Thank you :3

    2. Yeah, at some point I am going to buy a Dollits Hyun. J Baek was so sweet to promise me to release him in tan. It will probably be this year :D

    3. A tan Hyun? Yes, doooo it! :D J Baek seems so kind! I'll hope it'll be when you have the money ^^

    4. Yeah, I've been bothering him about it for half a year XD'
      I really hope so too! I would hate to miss out on him in tan >_<"

  3. He is so handsome!! The story is very interesting, love it!
    Dollits makes such wonderful doll, I have one in my list! :D

    1. Thanks dear! :D
      Yeah, they does! Which one is on your list?