Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thoughts and stuff

I'm still alive. I've just been having some bad days, thanks to forgetting my meds several times. Haha. I'm feeling better now :)
I've been doing the A Doll A Week challenge. It's only week 7, but so far I've been posting every picture I had to.
The picture for this week is this one of Agnes.

I've been working a bit on Agnes' sister's personality and background story, I knew nothing about her, except she's a Peak's Woods Goldie that I have on layaway at PW's.
Now I've been pondering about her for a few days, and I think I'll draw a bit of inspiration from Broen (Swedish-Danish TV series), more particulary from the character "Saga".
So I've decided that the PW Goldie, called Alva, will be an Autistic young woman. I still have a lot to learn about Autism, but I'll do my best!
Alva will also be a part time model at Yoonie's model agency.
Maria and I have talked about, how all the other models, will have an understand and accept of Alva, because they all have something to deal with in their life.

I've been following Sophia Banks on Twitter, and lately she's been talking about how all trans-representation is always very cis-passing trans people, and I have to agree.
That inspired me to make a new character for a doll in the far away future.
I'm gonna make a non cis-passing trans woman. And for this project I've chosen a sculpt I love very much. A LLT Roderich. I know, some of you may think I'm out of my mind, but yes, I will be using a female body for this head.
The idea is that Emma, the character's name, does not look like a typical cis woman. And that's okay. She's still a woman, she's still beautiful, and she's still important.
I know this should be obvious, but to a cis-made society, this is just not the case at the moment.

I made a doll version of her in an avatar creator.


  1. I always enjoy reading about your dolls' personalities :D
    Agnes is super cute. Your Goldie will fit well with her imo. ^^

    It would be super interesting to see Emma. Hope you'll get to make her one day ^^

    1. Thank you :D I hope so.

      She definitely moved way up to the top of my wishlist :P

  2. I love Goldies ;D yours will be super unique!!!

    Hope you get Emma someday soon too~ I don't think you are crazy at all, it's a lovely project and it has a very nice message

    1. Thank you! I hope so ^^

      I kinda want her soon-ish. XD

  3. Nice to read you are doing better now!!
    I love your character's stories, they are always so interesting!
    Hope you can get Emma soon!

  4. This is no news to you, since we've already talked so much about it, but I'm soooooo looking forward to both Alva and Emma! They're both gonna be so lovely! :D

    1. I'm looking forward to them too *o* And thanks! I hope so!