Thursday, March 24, 2016

A name for our band

Maria and I have finally decided to sit down and find a name for the band our three girls are in.
However, we could use some help deciding on the possible names we've found.

The concept for the band is a mild gothic rock band. The band could be compared a slightly bit to Evanecence, but all female. Their lyrics will be a mix of stereotypical songs about love and romance, and fairytale alike stories with princesses, dragons and fights.

The names we've been looking at:

Ethereal Essence:
Ethereal: Light, airy, tenuous, delicate or refined
Essence: the basic, real, and invariable nature of a thing or its significant individual feature
Our opinion: It has a bit of a fairytale alike feeling. Has a supernatural sound.

Resembling snow, especially in whiteness; snowy.
Our opinion: Again a bit fairytale alike. Has a more light feeling.

An ardent longing, as for something lost.
Our opinion: A bit more sad, less fairytale alike. 

We would really appreciate if you people who're reading this would give your opinion on these names :)


  1. Ethereal Essence is my favorite from these names and based on what you wrote, I think it would fit the band best :)

  2. I prefer the first name Nikki, Ethereal Essence is perfect. The second name sounds a bit like Nervous and the third is too difficult to prounounce.

  3. I don't know much about bands of that style but I tend to like names with only one word best. That being said, the first one Ethereal Essence I think is the one that best portraits the style you 2 wanna go for. But I think Desiderioum makes for a cool band name.

  4. I like Niveous the most! I find it the most appealing and could also make for some nice logs!

  5. Etherial Essence sounds cool, but my personal favorite of the three is definitely Desiderium! I think it sound so cool and I wanna buy tickets already :D

  6. Niveous catches my ears and eyes! There is some kind of soft ring to it. If the band is after that - otherwise Desiderium, feels just like the opposite, some kind of roughness.