Saturday, April 30, 2016

Since last time

First of all, wow, time passed by so fast.
To be honest, I've not been feeling great these past weeks, so I only skimmed your blogs. I hope everyone is doing well!

Doll-wise, nothing much has happened. I have intended to practice more face-ups, but the weather here in Danmark is horrible at the moment.
I almost gave up doing face-ups, because it's so hard to learn, especially when I only have the chance to do it once a month, or even more rarely.
But I didn't give up. I want to learn it, so I have to keep doing it, as often as I get the chance. I have a bunch of heads lying. Iplehouse Eva, LLT Lazuli, Luts Lolly and an incoming Migidoll Ryu. Agnes (Napidoll Chesi) needs a new face-up too, but I have arranged for Darjeeling to paint her. I have more than enough to worry about, and I'm a bit scared of having to do freckles.

So I reinvented a couple of characters, some very slightly, others a lot more drastic. But that left me with my DollGru #12 having no character. So I came up with something. He's a guy now (and he'll have a Popodoll 63cm body in the future)
His name is Milo Takahashi, he's 21 year old and part-times works in a teather for children together with Morgan. He's a very shy and quiet guy, but when he gets up on a stage, he forgets about it.

This left me thinking: "I should really buy more SD13 guy clothes", I have next to nothing. XD
Milo doesn't have a proper wig either, hence the fur. I have been considering this one from FMD.

I also got Desmond a body. It's a Mirodoll 68cm boy body, and it's not as bad as I expected, except it's strung loosely and in general doesn't pose very well, but I'm sure I can fix that.

Desmond is wearing a blond Volks wig, because I still haven't bought him one. I can't settle on one I like enough to buy it, but I still think he's gonna end up with a light brown one.
I did, however, finally get some SD17 clothes!

I'm down to having one floating head, which is Emma, and I have strongly considered Impldoll's Idol girl body. Everything about the body is perfect. It's tall and doesn't have a super narrow waist.
I do have a floating body, though. It's an April Story girl body, and my plans are to buy a Volks DWC2 head someday. I have been looking at learning how to use Yahoo Japan Auctions, or maybe I'll go with Mandarake, I don't know yet.

Next weekend I will hopefully go to Aarhus. Maria and I have talked about going to the Japanese Garden and take band photos of Thalia, Isabelle and Trisha. If it doesn't end up raining, of course.
I also need to clean Trisha from the body blushing she had by her previous owner. It is very pretty, but it has huge stains by now, and the baby blue nails doesn't really fit her style.


  1. ohhhh congrats on having almost on your dolls with bodies!!! Desmond is looking great and I love DollGru 12 as a boy :D!!

    Hope you feel better soon and the weather improves :)

    1. Thanks! :D It's really exciting having bodies for (almost) everyone! I really like how 12 works as a boy too :)

      Thanks <3

  2. Milo looks great! :D
    And so does Desmon. I like the slouching *^^*

    Hope you get to go to the Japanese Gardens. :D I'd love to see pics of the girls in there *__*

    1. Thank you >w<

      I really hope the weather will clear up before saturday o: Or else we will not go. :(

  3. Congrats on having only one floating head!! And good luck with the faceups, you just keep practicing and will do some amazing faceups, I'm sure of it!

    1. Thanks! I hate floating heads so much, so it's a great feeling :D
      Thank you! I hope so. :3

  4. Hi Nikki, I know how daunting Faceups can be, I still get very nervous, but as they say "practice makes perfect", so just hang in there and keep trying. :)

    1. Yeah, that's definitely true. Practice, practice, practice. Even when it seems hopeless! I just had to tell myself, I shouldn't quit because things are hard. Haha. :P

  5. "Skam den som ger sig" as we say over here in Sweden! Face ups can be fun but at the same time it can give nightmares. I want to try on my resin dolls, but so far I have only had courage to paint plastic ones.
    Hope you can go to the Japanese Garden! The weather here has been amazing - warm, sunshine and blue skies. Hope to be able to take my dolls out this week! Have a great new week!

    1. Ikr? :P It's so difficult and intimidating, but so exciting at the same time. I definitely don't wanna give in just yet. :D
      We actually went to the Japanese Garden. It was so nice and calming + we got some pictures ^^
      The weather is very lovely here too.