Thursday, May 26, 2016

So what's up?

I want to be honest with you people. I feel like I'm losing motivation for this blog. And it saddens me so much. I don't want to stop blogging, not at all, but because life is really tough at the moment, I have no energy and whenever I do try to write a post for the blog, I feel like it's meaningless.

So here's what's happening doll-wise.

Emma is getting a body. I have ordered an Impldoll Idol girl body for her. At first I had considered Spiritdoll or Popodoll, but I ended up going for the Idol body in the end. I hope I can find clothes that fit the large bust, I chose. Otherwise I have to order a smaller bust for her, along with heel feet, as I forgot about them.

I'm almost done with a layaway at Migidoll for a Ryu head. I decided it would be the best sculpt for Chris, just as they was about to discontinue the head sculpt. I bought him blank, because 1. the default face-up didn't include freckles, 2. I need to practice more face-ups.
I have an April Story Senior boy body I'm gonna use for him.

Cody is coming home in a spur of spontaneousness. I found a YoSD Nana for sale for a great price with a perfect face-up, and the seller was willing to let me do a layaway for him. I have no wig og eyes ready for him, but I have enough YoSD clothes for Noor and Cody to share.

I got a new camera!
I found a Sony A290 for a price I could justify, so I thought it was time to get a better one.

Here's a bit of my recent photos.

Morgan kinda reminds me of Daenerys from "Game of Thrones" here, with the platinum blonde wig. I can't take new pictures of Morgan for a while, since I sold her eyes to Anne . They are too small for Morgan, and I have no plans for other dolls that would be able to wear them in that color and size. 

My next project should really be to finish Nasim, but I kinda threw myself off by changing his story. He still remains pretty much the same, but the story I had planned on writing for him didn't work out, so I'm back to considering possibilities. 

 Isabelle is pretty much still my queen. She could use a new wig though, not that I won't be using her current one anymore, but I want more than one for her. I have consider getting her actual hair, because the red one she's using is only a wig she uses. In my head, she has dark, curly, natural hair.

I hope everyone is doing well :)


  1. I'm worried to read you are having issues, but please be strong! I'm sure you will come out victorious of it! Don't worry about blogging, though.
    Congrats on the new camera!! Those are some nice photo :D
    The Impldoll body is awesome, I do hope you find clothes for the large bust. Also, congrats on Ryo and Cody! :)

    1. Sorry for worrying you :c It'll be alright! I just need to keep fighting!
      Thanks a lot! :D I'm so happy I found it!
      I'm very excited about the Idol body :3 I hope it'll be great for Emma!
      Thanks <3 :D

  2. Sometimes real life can hit hard. I'm also not able to blog at the moment because I'm too busy with finalizing school, but I hope we can both get back to enjoying it.
    Uh! Impl makes some darn nice bodies I'd say :D can't wait to see Emma all assembled ^^
    I didn't know Migidoll was retiring Ryu, he has been so popular for so long. But very glad you managed to get one before he is gone :D
    Gratz on finding your Cody! It's great to find good deals *^^*
    And yay! You got a new camera!! Your pictures look so clear and nice!! \^^/ I love your dollies *__*

    1. Good luck with your school thing/exams :) I hope you'll do well!
      That's what I thought :D I hope it'll look alright for her though.
      It came as a shock for me too. He's such a lovely sculpt!
      Thank you! :D

  3. Life gets tough and I'm sorry to read you are passing through bad times. There's nothing I can do to make it better but I know all bad times will pass! I send all my strenght and warm to you in hopes it helps a bit.

    I love the new photos you have taken and I'm glad to see that even ifyou are not blogging, you are doing things with your dolls! Even if you don't write here often (or at all), we can always meet on instagram to check each other's plans :)

    Didn't even think for migidoll ryu to ever be discontinued!!! He's not as popular as he used to be, but there's many people in love with that sculpt still, glad to know you were able to get the head before it happened,

    Thanks for updating us on your dolly situation even if you didn't feel like blogging, it is very much appreciated.

    1. Thank you so much dearie <3 It's true, bad times won't last forever. I'm so grateful for the kind words, when I'm really feeling down. :)
      I do small things. I'm still doing my ADAW, and I've been cleaning off bodyblushing from Trisha, so she'll be ready for tattoos :D
      It's rather surprising, because Migidoll will probably always be remembered as "those who made Ryu" in my mind. Haha.

  4. Hi Nikki,
    I think we all get like that from time to time, especially when life gets in the way of dolly time, or we have projects on the go. I haven't posted anything for a few day myself.

    I love the photos you've posted of your dolls, they are so sharp, not blurry like how mine turn out sometimes.

    Keep on keeping on, hugs,

    1. Yeah :( It's too bad it can effect us in this way.

      Thank you <3 :)