Sunday, July 3, 2016

26 Things About Me

I stole this meme from Dollsdolour. Even though I try to keep this blog hobby related, I thought it was a great opportunity for you people to get to know me. :D

Arabic - It's sadly not a language I understand or speak, but it's actually the number one language I want to master! I have a (unlikely) dream of getting an education where I could work with and help LGBT immigrants. It's one of my two biggest dreams.

Bi - Bisexual and proud. I identify as per the definition "I'm attracthed to same gender and different genders", not "attracted to men and women". I don't get angry, when people call me pansexual, but I'd rather they don't. Being bisexual isn't inherently transphobic!

Call - I have this thing, where I talk a couple of hours on the phone every day. I know, it sounds extreme, but, to me, it's basically my social life, because I have no friends close to me. My closest friends lives 1½ hour away by bus. I always talk to my best friend, Maria. For various reasons, we have a close and trustful relationship as best friends. I don't know what I would do without her.

Dentist - My biggest phobia and fear. I'm so afraid of Dentists and anything related to teeth. I do still go to the dentist a couple of times during the year, but it takes all my will-power and, still, I need some calming pills to make it. I have had a couple of bad experiences, but nothing that can explain how massive this phobia is for me.

Extrovert - Actually I'm closer to an Ambivert, but I identify as extrovert for a simple reason. The introvert traits I have are all due to my mental health issues, while my extrovert traits are all due to, well, me.

Feminism - Or as I tend to call it "social justice", since I know some (cis het white) women don't want to focus on anything other than (cis het white) women. The battle to equality for everyone is dear to me. I have a big passion for it, and a lot of my day is influenced by it.

Girls - I love girls a lot. I think women as a gender are so badass and fierce. Women get shit on a lot, mostly by men, but sometimes even by each other. Still women manage to be the coolest people on earth. I remember reading something about women are such pure creatures, that they're closest to angels, well, I'm not religious in the least, but heck, I believe it.

Hope - While I can be a pessimist, I also have to believe in this world, the humans and that everything will turn out alright. Otherwise I couldn't carry on.

Ideas - My mind is full of ideas. Mostly related to writing and characters. The most frustrating thing in the world for me, is having all these ideas, but not energy og motivation to start them. I have not given up, I just need to find the method that works for me.

Japan - I have a general interest in cultures and languages from around the world (though I have never travelled much due to my life). I can't deny, however, how much Japan has had an influence on my hobbies and interests. I got to know BJDs thanks to my interest in Japan. Someday I will definitely go and visit the country!

Karr - Karr is a fictional country, I made up. It's from one of my stories called "Daughters of the Sun/Solens Døtre". It's a desert country, which the griffins are native to. The story is basically about an all female military, who buys little girls from 5-6 years old and train them until they reach 13-14 years old, and by then they'll be sent into battle. My favourite character from this story must be Zuri, one of the women, who trains the girls in combat. She's such a goofball, but at the same time very skilled in what she does.

Lonelines - I get lonely so fast. I'm not made for being alone. I try to surround myself with people either in real life or online all the time. When I do spend too much time alone, my mind goes dark.

Mental health - I would lie, if I said I don't face some issues on this subjest. I suffer from a serious mental illness, which has a huge impact on my life. This is also a reason why "Hope" as I mentioned is important for me. Without it, life would be unbearable.

Normal - I'm always trying to keep in mind, and remind other people, that normal should be used more often. I'm normal. You're normal. Things that aren't hurting anyone should always be considered normal. Even if we may not understand it.

Opinions - I have them. Lots of them, actually. I'm sadly just very afraid of conflict, so I have a hard time being honest about my opinions, if it's in a discussion. I'm working hard on learning to handle conflict better.

Pets - I love pets. I really do. I have a cat and a dog, though my cat lives with my mother. Actually we "share" the pets, and share the expenses and such. I have considered getting a Ball Python, but it's not allowed where I live, so now I'm considering a leopard gecko. I don't know though, it has to fit with my life.

Questions - I'm a person of great curiousity. I have always been reading a lot (back when I could keep my concentration and focus). I love learning new things, and it's not strange for me to suddenly think "Hmm, maybe I should learn how to knit" or "How many countries have had female leaders". I love history and science, but also enjoy culture, languages and art.

Recasts - My single most hated thing in the doll hobby. I 100% against it, I don't want anything to do with them or their supporters. They're ruining my hobby, by hurting the artists and the second hand market.

Socialism - I support socialism, and in general I think, what people are lacking these days are empathy. It's not just a question about "giving away money for free", it's also about seeing beyond one self, and accept that you may not understand other people, but you are not likely anymore "right" and "normal" than they are.

Tissues - I have a hard time crying. I can feel sad, I can feel like the world is a horrible place, and I would prefer to disappear, but I will not shed a tear.
But if you show me an episode of My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic, I'll cry my eyes out.
I have no idea, why I'm like this...

Unapologetic - What I'm striving to be. With my logic and reason, I know I don't have anything to apologize for. I know I'm valid and deserve love and respect, but to believe it during my everyday life is so so much harder.

Value - I honestly, without a doubt, believe people are of value. We are not the things we have had done to us, we are worthy of love and we deserve to be accepted for who we are, when we aren't hurting anyone.

Writer - I'm a writer, who can't write. It's pretty sad, but I have no concentration and focus. In my good moments I can write a bit, but I've had a horrible "moment" for two months now. Here's to hoping, it'll be better soon, though!

X - (sorry I just couldn't find a word)

Y - (sorry I just couldn't find a word)

Zodiac - Sorry for being a copycat DollsDolour! I just thought it was fitting for me too. I've grown up with a family that spends too much time discussing zodiacs. As I got older, I came to realize that my zodiac doesn't really fit me at all, at least on a lot of the traits. For the record, I'm an Aries.


  1. I'm glad you show us this! I love getting to know you and others in the hobby.
    You know, my great grandparents from my dad's side were from Palestina and my father used to speac arabic all the time with his friends when I was little. I sadly didn't live with him so I never knew the language and I do't know much about the culture, but it is a very beautiful language :)

    And you are totally normal! Everything is different, but different is good! Why would we want to be exact copies of each other? We all have our doubts and our problems, our own past and our strengths, and that makes the world so beautiful.

    Write whenever you can. Even if you are not writing, you are a writer in my book!

    1. How awesome! :D I As far as I know my family is white Danish all the way back, so nothing interesting there.
      There's so much negative stuff about Muslims and Islam in the media these days, and I'm both angry and scared. I'm angry about how we're treating people in need of help, and I'm scared that it'll get worse :(

      Thank you <3 And yes, variation is beautiful and differences are to be celebrated :D

      Thank you <3

  2. Hi Nikki!
    Once again I found this meme was interesting to read. I love getting to know my online blogging friends. I agree with Alejandra, it's good to be different, and yet have a common bond with people around the world through dolls. The world wouldn't be half as interesting if we were all the same, actually it would be quite boring.

    Life is short and one should enjoy the time we have on this earth. I'm of the opinion that if everyone treated others, as one would like to be treated in return, it would be a better place.

    1. Yes :) It's definitely a wonderful thing <3

      Yeah, I agree, we need to treat other people kindly >_<

  3. Wow this was awesome!! I loved this tag/meme. It is great to know you a little more. I admire your passion, and I do hope you can get that dream job of helping people!

    1. It's such a great meme indeed :D It really gives you the chance to get to know people a bit! :3
      Thank you so for your kind words! :D

  4. OMG, I totally have missed this! Shame on me! :-/
    Thank you for sharing and taking this meme, and I agree with Alejandra and Xanadu! You are normal and you can embrace the world just as you are. I have always thought that it is better for us to learn about things and meet other people instead of making our own assumptions and spreading things we really do not know a thing about. We do that because we fear and do not want to learn.
    And no worries, copycat away! :D My mum was an Aries and so is my friend - both being strong women at their time, doing their thing and really not minding what others think. And as my mother in law said once - girls (women) can be real cats, frizzle and scratch instead of supporting and loving! Sadly that can be true.
    Better to share love and support!

    1. Haha, it's so easy to miss things :D No worries!
      It's a good "philosophy"! Love is better than hate and fear. :3
      Haha, yay for Aries! I was more like the Aries when I was younger, less now a days.