Saturday, July 30, 2016

Ramble about current plans + a few pictures

So things were definitely gonna change due to my decision on selling my boys.
My wishlist got a bit smaller, and everything seems a bit more managable.

Currently my wishlist looks like this:
Cornelia (Dollshe Erica Snow)
Samantha (???)
??? (Iplehouse Aaliyah)
Luna (Volks Saki)
Bonnie (???)
Sarah (???)
Kate (???)
??? (Iplehouse SID Grace)
Giselle (Tiny Delf Tyltyl)

The ones with both name and sculpt are the ones I'm 100% decided on buying someday.
The ones with only names, I have the character for, but I'm unsure about sculpt, so they're maybes.
The ones with only sculpt are the ones I just love for the sake of loving the sculpt. So even more maybes.

I also need four bodies. At the moment I'm considering:
Spiritdoll Proud girl body (Emma)
Loong Soul 58cm girl body (Alana)
Dollstown 18 years girl body (Fiona)
Honey Delf type 1 girl body (Irene)

I have done a bit more research this time regarding resin matches, even though, sometimes you just have to hope for the best.

And lastly, I decided to let Felix stay in my crew.
I'll try and see if I can find new inspiration and motivation for him!


  1. I can see why you held on to Felix, he's gorgeous! I must admit it does make one feel more relaxed when one knows where the collecting is heading. :)

    1. Thank you :3 I have a couple of different reasons for keeping him, but definitely also sentimental reasons XD
      And yes, it really does feel more relaxing! :D *hugs*

  2. Felix is amazing, I'm so glad you kept him!! And some of those sculpts are so pretty, I hope you can get them all!

    1. Thank you! :3 I'm so glad you like him!
      Thank you a lot! >w<