Sunday, August 14, 2016

Pictures of the YoSD gang + News!

So Maria came to visit me this weekend! And I had such a good time.
Saturday we went to this market hosted by the Scouts in my town. Maria found a new board game and some Mokka cups (I'm not sure what they're called in English).
We also took some photos! I realized a while ago, that I didn't have any pictures of Isabelle, that I was happy with, so she was one of the dolls I photographed.

But first, I should show off Irene.
August is the month that marks the time where Maria and I met. It may seem silly to some, but her and I celebrate our friendship in that month. We don't give Christmas or birthday presents, so instead we buy "Friendship presents".

This year I got two lovely things as presents!
The first thing, I sadly don't have a photo of (yet!). It was a cute figure of my favorite Shingeki no Kyojin character, Sasha. Such a great present, in my opinion!
The second present I got was a Volks YoSD outfit!!
I don't have a lot of YoSD clothes, so this was a wonderful present, too. I knew exactly who it was going to.
Irene is my little girly-girl of the little ones, so naturally, she was the one to wear it.

Isn't she just adorable in that outfit? Also her wig arrived! So tadah, Irene is almost all finished. I'm just still waiting for the Mako eyes for her.

I also got the opportunity to take photos of Maria's little ones. <3

First up is Ayla. I've always liked the Kanon sculpt and I'm 100% sure Ayla is my favorite Kanon! Such a energic and silly baby, who is ever-so-curious and up for an adventure. She's so cute.

The newest YoSD of Maria's. Her name is Sofia and she's a Volks YoSD Elena. Maria's Stella, Thalia, is her mother. She's such a lovely darling!

Our little gang. The mother's of our YoSDs more or less know each other, so the kids do too.

And the news is...!

Maria and I have talked about stuff and things, and we've come to the agreement, that we're gonna create a new doll universe. It'll exist outside of the current, but it's not totally disconnected.
It'll be the same universe, but 14 years into the future.
It won't be consisting of a lot of dolls, only five. And those fives will be the YoSDs as adults!
So Ayla, Sofia, Cody, Irene and Noor, as grown-ups. I'm so excited about it! Haha.
We have already settled on certain sculpts, while others are more undecided yet.

So yeah :3

In the next blog post I will post some Isabelle photos, hopefully. Now it's time to catch up on blogs though.


  1. Irene is gorgeous Nikki, and the outfit is very pretty. I love getting together with dolly friends, but never thought of doing a joint project. That's going to be great fun to see coming together...I wonder what 14 years in the future is going to look like? What fun you could have designing futuristic clothes and I can hardly wait. :)

    1. Thank you so much! :D
      I share the current universe with Maria :3 It's so much fun!

  2. I think it is great to celebrate friendship! Irene looks adorable on that dress :3
    Ayla and Sofia are very cute too :D

    And that new universe looks fun! Hope you will share more of it soon!

    1. It really is :D Thank you dear!
      I think Maria's little girls are so cute too >w<

      Thanks! I definitely will! :D

  3. Oh wow!!! HAving your YoSD crew both as kids and adults sounds great!!!! Sometimes I want to get a yoSD version of Lucas too, wouldn't that be neat? XD

    I think you take great tiny photos, love to see them all the time!!! Maria's Kanon is so cute!!! you know I love that sculpt as well!!! And Irene looks adorable with her new wig and the dress!~ I'm so excited for you 2 :D

    Can't wait to have my own girls painted so I can take gang photos too :D

    1. I'm so into the idea yeah! I have an alright idea about how Cody will be as grown-up, and I'm sure the rest of them will develop eventually :D
      A YoSD version of Lucas sounds so sweet! Maybe you find the perfect one, someday? :3

      Thank you so much! :D And yeah, Kanon is an adorable sculpt indeed! :D Thank you for the kind words about Irene! :3

      I hope you can paint your little ones soon!! :D

  4. Friendship is the best thing to celebrate! My friend and I did a lot of fun things instead of buying gifts. Like a short cruise to Kiel for just some sightseeing and shopping. That time together was a great thing.

    I love those little ones. So cute! <3

    1. Yeah :) I value this friendship so much! She's been my best friend for more than 10 years now.
      I think it's great, it sounds like you have a wonderful friend too!

      Thank you :D