Thursday, August 25, 2016

Writing: Element of My Nature (Trisha)

I'll start our introducing my new story project. This story will cover my current dolls' background and their current story.
The main character is Trisha (my Feeple70 Angela), but I'll share some different short stories from many different point of views.
I've decided to start the story with a background story actually. In my mind, the current story line starts January 2014, while Trisha is 25, but in this specific story I'm about to share, she's 16.


"Trisha, last round", their vocalist shouted to her and Tirsh fell into the rhythm instantly. Her pulse was following the beat, her blood was boiling and her mind was empty. No fear, no despair, no hatred, just pure oblivion. The music filled the room, filled her body, filled her soul. Trisha was part of the music, as it was a part of her.
When the sound faded, Trisha remember the real world, and she felt the familiar darkness surround her, and shallow her.
She reached for her bag of cigarettes and walked towards the door, as she noticed a young person sitting in the back of the small bar. While Trisha walked past the person, she tried to decide, what gender they had. Their age was a mystery as well, all Trisha could tell, was that this was a person around her own age.

"Y-you were great!", a voice a bit deeper, than Trisha had expected, talked, as they walked up to Trisha. The person was of average height. They were wearing a cheap-looking red wig, that looked like it had been bought right off Ebay. They were a bit smaller than Trisha, but Trisha wasn't surprised by that, considering she was as tall as a typical boy.
"Thank you", Trisha said and held out her hand, "I'm Trisha"
"Isabelle", the shy person replied while gently retuning her handshake. The person, whom Trish just guessed from the name was a girl, looked awkwardly into the floor and her own boots.
Isabelle looked a little too pretty to be there, but Trisha had this strange feeling, that she still belonged, so she chose to do something rash.
"Do you play music?"
"A little. I know how to play piano", Isabelle replied, "I'm not very good though".
Trisha observed the girl infront her. She was wearing a baggy hoodie and jeans. Her feet were covered in big Dr. Martens boots. Isabelle was not wearing any make-up, but she had a sweet face, with soft features. She had very long eyelashes, big lips and white teeth. Her light brown skin was clean and smooth. She was a very beautiful girl, Trisha thought.

"You should come to Mason's party tonight!", Trish said, "It's at 7 o'clock".
Isabelle hesitated. "I don't belong there".
"Sure, you do", Trisha said with a smile, "And besides, we'll go together!"
Isabelle nodded. "Alright then".