Tuesday, September 6, 2016

New hobby and the last photos of Emma for now

I've been considering taking up a new hobby. Not abandoning the BJD hobby, but expand into something new.
Back when I was younger, I used to draw. I was never mindblowing amazing, but I was decent for my age, and I remember I enjoyed it. And it can be connected to another hobby and passion of mine, which is writing. (Surprise, surprise XD)

This coming weekend will be spent in the company of great people!
Thursday, I'll leave for Aarhus. I will stay at Maria's place until Sunday, and in that time span we will take photos, watch movies and have some great rambles.
But, Saturday Michelle and Maria will join us for some dollie time, before Michelle will leave for Japan for 6 months! (I will miss you so much Michelle T_T)
We had plans to go to Den Gamle By (The Old Town), but eh, seems like it's gonna rain a lot Saturday, so maybe we'll just stay at Maria's and have a good time.

This will probably also be the last time Emma will appear on the Impldoll Idol female body, since Michelle is gonna see if she can use the body for her Kiseki (Impldoll Deborah head). If she can use it, and it isn't way too tall for her to handle, we have agreed to a trade.

So until Emma can get another Impldoll Idol body in the correct resin color, this will be the last photos of her, I think.


  1. Hope the trade works!!!!

    I used to draw when I was younger too. It is not an expensive hobby when you start so you could give it a try~ I still find relxing to doodle all over my notes haha

  2. HI Nikki,
    I enjoy drawing too, but lately haven't had time. I'm sure you will get a real kick out it if you are going to draw your dolls or at least work it into your doll hobby.
    Hope you have a great time with your friends!

  3. Good luck with the trade, I hope it works!!
    You should have any hobbies that make you happy :D

  4. Drawing can be so relaxing and I like to draw too, put I have never ever made any masterpieces. But oh so much of doodling! :D Maybe mix drawing and writing - drawings with tiny text to.
    Hope that the trade goes well! And have a great time!