Friday, November 25, 2016

BJD character questionarie: Isabelle

Full name: Isabelle Crawford
Nickname(s) or Alias: None
Gender: Trans Woman
Age: 27
Birthday: July 19th, 1987
Sexuality: Bisexual
Nationality: British
Religion: Christian
City or town of birth: Los Angeles, California, the US
Currently lives: London
Languages spoken: English, French
Native language: English
Relationship Status: Single
Height: 172cm
Weight: 68kg
Figure/build: Average
Hair colour: Her natural colour is black/brown, but she uses a red wig most of the time.
Hairstyle: Her natural hair is curly, but her wig is straight.
Eye colour: Brown
Skin/fur/etc colour:  Mixed black and white
Tattoos: A semicolon on her wrist
Piercings: None
Scars/distinguishing marks: She's has scars from augmentation mammoplasty
Preferred style of clothing: Casual goth
Smoker? No
Drinker? Occasionally
Drug User? Which? No
Addictions: No
Allergies: Cats
Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities: Sometimes deals with anxiety and depression
Any medication regularly taken: HRT (hormone replacement therapy), antidepressant, anxiety-meds
Personality: Isabelle is a sensitive and fragile soul, but she has an inner strenght, she's build up due to her circumstances of being the daughter of a non-accepting father.
She is kindhearted and patient, and she has a lot of empathy.
Fears/phobias: Being rejected, the dark and a bit of social anxiety.
Favourite colour: Black, white, red
Taste in music: Her favorite is probably musicals, but she likes a lot of genres, including rock and metal.
Talents/skills: She can play the guitar, the bass and the piano.
Ability to drive a car? Operate any other vehicles? Yes, she has a driver's license.
Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore: Omnivore
Describe the character’s house/home: Isabelle lives in a top floor flat in one of the better places in London. Her mother pays for it, with the money she got from the divorce. Isabelle has access to everything she could want, but it doesn't make her happy.
Significant/special belongings: A letter she wrote to her father, she didn't have the guts to send. It explains a lot about herself and how she feels regarding her gender and identity, but she was afraid of making things worse between them.
Level of education: She dropped out of university, she was studying business management.
Qualifications: She can play several instruments.
Current job title and description: She's bassist in the gothic band Niveous.
Parents names: Brenda and James
Are parents alive or dead? Both alive
Is the character still in contact with their parents? Only her mother, her father refuses to see Isabelle at the moment.
Siblings? Relationship with siblings? Cornelia, Isabelle's sister, supports their father, so Isabelle doesn't have any contact to her right now.
Other Important Relatives: Isabelle emails a bit with her grandmother and aunt on her mother's side.
Partner/Spouse: None currently
Children: No.
Best Friend: Trisha and Thalia.
Other Important Friends: None
Pets: None
Enemies? Why are they enemies? No.


  1. She likes musicals love it :D!!! I wonder if She likes Hamilton XD!!!

    I enjoy reading these so much, thanks for sharing them with us~

    1. Yes! You were the one who inspired me XD Hehe

      Thank you for reading it :3

  2. Isabelle sounds like an open hearted and kind person, who wants to give everybody a second chance. I can understand that she hesitates in sending a letter to her father, but writing a letter like that shows that she wants to be understood.

    It was nice to get to know Isabelle, thanks for sharing!

    1. She is definitely kind ^__^ Thank you!

  3. Oh wow, I love these! I think it's so fun to read the stories behind the dolls! Yay! Another new blog to devour! I also love English characters. :3

    1. Hey :D Welcome to my blog Crystal! I look forward to reading your blog as well :)

  4. I adore these questions!!! I think you should get her some instruments props! Or if you have them, this is me requesting photos xD
    Keep doing these, I love to read them!

    1. I actually want instruments, but I want proper ones. And they're hard to find :( haha
      Thank you dear! :D